Season 7 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1978 on CBS

Episode Recap

Part One: Col. Lillian Rayburn, head nurse of the Eighth Army is coming for an inspection. At noon, the PA announces she will arrive at 1800 hours, then gives a funny line. Radar, posting things on the bulletin board, yells to say them like he wrote them. One of the nurses says the line was funny. Then Col. Rayburn arrives early. Radar is covered in ink from other postings and explains this even as she asks where Col. Potter's office is. They go into the office where the Colonel, Hawkeye, and BJ are having a drink together. They introduce each other to her as they pour her a drink, Lil asks BJ what BJ stands for, and he says, 'Anything you want.' The colonels talk about a general they both know while Hawk asks BJ what his name stands for and he says the same thing. Hawk thinks he is being secretive, and Potter tells them to leave. Lil says she wants to see all of Korea since this is her first trip. As they are about to leave, Margaret comes in and gives her a schedule of inspections and meetings but Lil says she wants to inspect them while they work: 'It saves all that saluting.' In the OR, Lil stays near the Potter and Margaret gets on her nurses more than usual because of Lil's presence. She moves a machine Charles needs near him, but when he asks to move it back, she is too busy trying to get Lil's attention on her nurses. Charles asks Father Mulcahy to move it back but Margaret does and accuses Charles of making her look bad. Hawkeye tries to get BJ to give up the name so he tells him an embarrassing story of his childhood, thinking BJ is embarrassed of his name. Lil tells Potter that she has been in the army for 22 years; he says she's just a baby. Hawk offers to guess the name. Lil inspect the post-op with Radar following them. When Potter offers to show her the pharmacy, Radar reminds him of paperwork he needs to catch up on, but he tells him to pull duty logs. As he does, Hawkeye comes in looking for BJ's personnel file. Radar tells him about how upset he is over the attention Potter is playing to her. Hawkeye tells him he's just looking for companionship from someone closer to his own age. They find BJ's file and find out that he is listed as BJ Hunnicutt. Hawkeye is upset over his supposedly hiding something from a man who exchanges socks with him. Later, Margaret brings Lil flowers, but she says she has hay fever. They talk about her marriage and Lil says she never got married because her suitors got discouraged when they found out 'my dowry was a duffle bag.' Margaret relaxes as they talk about how they are lucky in their work and how it is exciting. Potter then comes in with a bottle to share, so Margaret decides to leave, and they both do. Potter then comes back, saying, 'I run this place, what am I leaving for?'
Part Two: Hawkeye tries the scientific approach, threatening to kill BJ, then send telegrams to anyone who knows him. Potter and Lil go on a picnic, and Radar offers to write a letter to Mrs. Potter for him. When they find the only available jeep has a flat tire, Lil suggests they walk, which upsets Radar even more. Margaret goes into the officers' club for a drink to celebrate her independence day. She tries to convince Klinger not to try and leave the army. Radar comes in upset and Margaret tells him to sit next to her. Klinger speculates there may be more to the colonel's friendship and Radar blames her because she never leaves her alone. Margaret tells her about Potter coming to her tent the night before, but says they like each other. Later, Radar paces when they are late getting back. Hawkeye tells then they may have just be there to talk, but they come back singing a show tune. Lil offers a nightcap in her tent later. When Potter sees Hawkeye and Radar, he offers to get them coffee but Radar gets upset and leaves. That night, as Potter tells her a story about a friend who had a date with an English girl on D-Day, but Lil makes it clear she wants more than a friendship. Potter says no, 'not while there's a girl at home with my picture on her piano.' She asks where she got her signals crossed, but he blames himself, saying he was happy to have someone his own age to talk to that he gave her the wrong impression. She says it could have been special, and he says it is, that he has a memory she will never forget. She decides to leave early. He leaves, then finds Radar catching up on paperwork. He thanks him for his help with Lil's visit, then has him arrange to wake him up to see her off. He explains how he loved spending time with a woman who speaks the same language as him. Radar says he hopes he finds someone like that someday. Potter says he's met a couple and 'married the one I loved.'
Epilogue: Radar tells Hawkeye he's got answers from his telegrams, but everyone says he has no first name, just BJ. He asks who would name their kid BJ and BJ says, 'My father, Bea Hunnicutt, and my father, Jay Hunnicutt.' Hawkeye doesn't buy it, and asks again. He says, 'Anything you want,' and leaves. Hawkeye tosses the telegrams in the air.