Season 3 Episode 20

Love and Marriage

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 1975 on CBS

Episode Recap

During another OR session, Hawkeye and Frank argue again. Mr. Kwang, a Korean orderly drops one of his instruments on the floor and Frank yells at him. After the session, Frank yells at Henry about all the abuse he takes. McShane, one of the orderlies, says it was great working in the OR. Kwang apologizes for his clumsiness, but Frank does not accept it. Hawkeye and Trapper invite him to their tent for a drink. He tells them how he was a student at university before the war and how he was 'drafted': He was on his way to school and two soldiers grabbed him and threw him into the back of a truck. He was sent to a hospital where he learned how to do medical work and was later transferred to the camp. However, he has not seen his wife since he was drafted and wants to see her. Hawkeye and Trapper say they will get him a pass. Later, they go to do exams for GI's who want to marry local girls. Hawkeye asks Radar to get a three-day pass and he has Henry sign it while he is distracted by a local woman who wants a new set of false teeth. The next patient turns out to be McShane, who brings in a girl who is a lady of the evening at Rosie's Bar. Hawkeye and Trapper try to talk to him and get him to reconsider, but McShane is determined. They get him to wait for two weeks before the marriage goes through. Later, they have a poker game with Henry, Radar, and Zale in the Swamp. Henry thinks he wins a hand with a flush, but they are four hearts and a diamond. After Hawkeye wins, Zale laments the officer's life. Radar says that they should let McShane get married. An argument breaks out outside with a gunshot. It turns out to be Frank, as officer of the day, accosting Kwang. He thinks Kwang is deserting, and does not believe that his pass is legit. Frank comes in the tent and says that he fired a warning shot because Kwang ran off. Hawkeye tells Frank not to point the gun, but when he cocks it, it goes off and shoots out the light. The next day, a local, Dr. Pak, comes to see Hawkeye and Trapper. He says he not only is a 'doctor,' but is also arranges marriages. He offers them $250 for letting McShane's marriage go through. He says that the girls go to work for some friends of his (which Trapper says is 'night work.') He is willing to offer more in the future, but McShane insisted on $1000. They chase Pak out of the tent just as Kwang returns with two MP's. He says he had to get to his wife, who is about to give birth to their first child. Hawkeye and Trapper try to get Henry not to charge him with desertion. However, Henry does not remember signing the pass for him. He finds Frank spying on the meeting. They tell Henry about the baby, and Henry drops the charges. When they ask about the baby, Henry says he can't give him the pass back, and Hawkeye says that he and Radar will go get her. They ride on a bus which is transporting patients back to the States. However, Kwang's village is very close to the Chinese border. That night, Trapper tells McShane that they know about the scam. After some resistance, he comes clean, but, just as he leaves, an orderly comes in with x-rays from McShane's potential bride. It turns out that the girl has tuberculosis and the marriage is off. After picking up Mrs. Kwang, she starts to go into labor about 15 minutes into the trip. Radar is very nervous before, but when her pains come and go, he gets even more nervous. Hawkeye asks for his help, but he wants to leave and not see what's going on. They arrive back at camp and she has had the baby. Both Mrs. Kwang and Radar are brought out of the bus on gurneys, his having fainted. Later, in post-op, there is a happy reunion. The baby is named Radar Benjamin Franklin Trapper John Henry Kwang. Kwang says Radar gets top billing because he gave him the pass. When Henry hears this, he thinks Radar forged his name and chases after him.