Season 3 Episode 20

Love and Marriage

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 1975 on CBS



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    • (about Soong Hi)
      Trapper: Where did you meet this woman?
      McShane: She's hardly a woman, sir, she's only 21 years old.
      Hawkeye: (chuckling) Her mascara's older than that.

    • (Talking to Dr. Pak)
      Hawkeye: Still doing those phony operations with the fake stitches?
      Trapper: And using hair cream for penicillin?
      Hawkeye: I examined one of your patients, Doctor. He still had pneumonia, but I must say, you cleared up his dandruff.

    • Hawkeye: You know sir, you just might go down in medical history.
      Dr. Pak: How's that?
      Hawkeye: As the first Doctor ever to set two broken legs, and both of them his own.

    • Hawkeye: She's about to give birth.
      Radar: Right here!? On this bus!? In front of me!
      Hawkeye: Yes, right here on this bus! What do I do, give her a transfer? Tell her to wait?

    • McShane: Really, sir...
      Trapper: You give me one more "sir" and I'm going to prescribe you a 24-hour enema!

  • Notes

    • Dennis Dugan would later go on to play the recurring character of 25 year old private investigator "Richie Brockelman" in several episodes of The Rockford Files before graduating to his own series Richie Brockelman: Private Eye.

    • Dennis Dugan would also play Bob Wilson, Colonel Potter's son-in-law, in Season 11.

    • Margaret does not appear in this episode. This was the first of 4 appearances by Soon-Teck Oh, in various roles. The last appearance was in episode 243.

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