Season 7 Episode 8

Major Ego

Aired Unknown Nov 06, 1978 on CBS



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    • (Winchester is in the operating room, he has the journalist in there with him)
      Winchester: I want to give these soldiers, that little extra something.
      (BJ starts to hum)
      Hawkeye: You have just heard the ponderous words of Doctor Charles Emerson Winchester. The only Doctor who can operate with one foot lodged in his mouth.

    • Margaret: It's been four months since we made close-order drill. (Pause) That's what he used to call it.
      B.J.: Margaret, maybe I shouldn't be hearing this. I'm not a licensed innkeeper.
      Margaret: Four long months. Sometimes I really miss being held by a man, you know. Having him caress me, kiss me, touch my hair....
      B.J.: How 'bout some coffee?
      Margaret: It wouldn't be the same.

    • Charles: Well, I was born in upper Boston, where my family has lived for five generations--
      B.J.: In a modest twenty-room log cabin.
      Charles: Due to my background and breeding, it was inevitable that I attend the finest schools: Choate. Harvard.
      Hawkeye: The Massachusetts School of Snobbery.
      Charles: When they get this way I usually just...hit them with a rolled-up newspaper.
      B.J.: Last night we ate his slipper!

    • Charles: How dare you open up one of my patients?
      Hawkeye: I just couldn't wait till Christmas.

    • Col. Potter: The scales of justice take time to balance.
      Martgaret: Ah, bull!
      Col. Potter: Seemed like a good thing to say.

    • Hawkeye: (describing Charles) The man's a marvel. He can grovel and blow his own horn in the same breath.

    • Fr. Mulcahy: Major, do you box?
      Charles: No.
      Fr. Mulchahy: Good, 'cause I'm tempted to teach you.

    • BJ: Springtime in Korea, when the air is filled with pollen and bullets.

  • Notes

    • Radar does not appear in this episode, although he does appear in one of the still shots under the credits. This is the last of 15 appearances by Patricia Stevens, as various nurses. The first appearance was in episode 41.

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