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Season 1 Episode 22

Major Fred C. Dobbs

Aired Unknown Mar 11, 1973 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Major Fred C. Dobbs
As usual Frank's normal drone of verbal abuse upsets Ginger, so Hawkeye puts his arm in a cast while he is asleep. Frank puts in for a transfer, and after a broadcast goes out of Frank telling Margaret he's leaving, she decides to leave as well. As a result, Col. Blake puts both Hawk and Trap on double post-op duty until he finds replacements for Majs. Burns and Houlihan. Unwilling to lose their two favorite patsies, and to be worn to a frazzle from doing 2 shifts in O/R, Hawkeye and Trapper hatch a scheme to prevent Frank and Hot Lips from leaving. That night, Hawkeye and Trapper pretend they have found gold, letting Frank overhear them. Frank then withdraws his request when he thinks he's found gold himself, although the joke is on him when he finds, amongst other things, a gilded jeep!moreless

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  • frank wants a transfer after trapper and hawkeye plaster a hook on franks arm.

    after frank upsets ginger and makes her cry. hawyeye and trapper deciced its time for frank to take his medicine. they plaster his arm with a hook. when frank wakes up he goes to see henry who is at the dentist. he wants a transfer. we see a few flashbacks of what hawkeye and trapper have done to frank. its very funny. when hotlips wants a transfer to. henry gets mad and tells them that they will be doing double duties in the or. so hawkeye and trapper plan to keep frank and hotlips at the camp by pretening that there is gold in the camp.moreless
Gary Burghoff

Gary Burghoff

Corporal Walter Eugene "Radar" O'Reilly (Season 1-8)

Larry Linville

Larry Linville

Major Franklin Delano Marion Burns (Season 1-5)

Loretta Swit

Loretta Swit

Major Margaret J. "Hot Lips" Houlihan

McLean Stevenson

McLean Stevenson

Lt. Colonel Henry Braymore Blake (Season 1-3)

Alan Alda

Alan Alda

Captain Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce

Wayne Rogers

Wayne Rogers

Captain John Francis Xavier "Trapper" McIntyre (Season 1-3)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Henry is chewing out Hawk and Trapper, he has the left side of his mouth numb, but when he walks out of his office and walks back in saying this "What am I doing this is my office, you guys get out" (or something along those lines) durring the first part of the sentence his whole mouth works fine.

    • When Henry was chewing out Hawkeye and Trapper for the broadcast, he mentioned that Margaret wanted to leave. But he could have refused her request for a transfer. If he needed her, why did he give her the transfer?

    • Trapper, Hawkeye, and Radar tape a conversation between Frank and Margaret, but the tape is running in clockwise direction, meaning the tape recorder is recording backwards or rewinding.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • (After finding the gold, Frank Burns comes into Col. Blake's tent. Frank is all covered with dirt while Blake is crawling around on all fours.)
      Blake: (shocked) What happened to you?
      Burns: Uh-I-Uh, I fell down.
      Blake: Really? How many times?
      Burns: I need to talk to you, sir.
      Blake: Not now, Frank. I just lost a temporary filling in my tooth and every time I suck air, it becomes a new experience in pain.
      Burns: I've decided not to go, sir.
      Blake: (getting the wrong idea) Frank, if you think you're gonna spend the night with me, you're crazy.
      Burns: I mean, my transfer! I want to stay!
      Blake: Oh, for crying out loud, Frank! I went through a lot of trouble to accommodate you!
      Burns: Well, tear up my papers! Tear them up! I don't want to go!
      Blake: What about Pierce and McIntyre?
      Burns: Great guys! Fun-loving! A little high-spirited but---
      Blake: (interrupting) Frank, you've been pushing your stetoscope too far into your ears. I think it scratched your brain.
      Burns: Well, you can say what you want. But my mind is made up.
      (Colonel Blake points to the floor finding his lost filling.)
      Blake: There it is!
      Burns: Where?
      (With that, Frank Burns accidentally steps on it, crushing the filling into smithereens.)
      Blake: It's...right...under...your...foot.
      (Frank is in a real embarassing situation now.)
      Blake: So, is that your final decision, Frank?
      Burns: Absolutely and irrevocably, yes. I never want to leave. I am yours, forever.
      (Frank holds Col. Blake's hand.)
      Blake: I've got to tell you something, Frank: I've gone to bed with happier thoughts.

    • (To console Ginger)
      Hawkeye: Hey, did you know Frank Burns was stolen by gypsies as a child?
      Ginger: No.
      Hawkeye: Yeah, the police found him and took him back to his parents. But they didn't want him so they took him back to the gypsies. The gypsies didn't want him so they left him in the forest for bears to raise. After one day with him, the bears attacked the gypsies.

    • Frank: You're nothing but common drunks.
      Hawkeye: That is a rumor started by people I've fallen over.

    • Radar: It just so happens Korea is the fifth-largest gold producer in the world.
      Hawkeye: And the first-largest producer of Koreans.

    • Frank: I take my life in my hands every time I go to bed. I woke up one morning and found they'd given me the Princess and the Pea treatment.
      Henry: The Princess and the Pea?
      Frank: They nailed five cots on top of each other. I was sleeping twelve feet off the floor.
      Capt. Kaplan: It's a good thing you don't walk in your sleep.

    • Loudspeaker: Attention! Attention all personnel! Tonight's double feature is Greed, and The Major was a Miner, starring Major Frank 'There Goes My Transfer' Burns.

    • Henry: You know, Frank, as rough as it's been sometimes, I think I'll miss you.
      Frank: Well, it might not have come to this if you'd had the backbone to maintain some discipline around here.
      Henry: Well, so much for missing you.

  • NOTES (0)


    • There is no Fred C. Dobbs character in this episode; the title is a reference to Humphrey Bogart's gold-digging character in The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre.