Season 5 Episode 21

Movie Tonight

Aired Unknown Feb 22, 1977 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • During the scene where the company is watching the movie in the mess tent, the film projector repeatedly breaks down. Radar does an imitation of John Wayne from the movie Mclintock. This movie came out in 1963. This is 10 years after the end of the Korean War.

  • Quotes

    • Klinger: I blew the bulb, it's not my fault! Who do I look like, Thomas Edison?
      Hawkeye: No, you look like Mrs. Edison!

    • Klinger (singing): Nobody knows the trouble I've seen...
      Hawkeye: I know.
      Klinger (singing): Somebody knows the trouble I've seen...

    • Klinger: Oh, some guys like the Army...I think that it's a mess...if it's so damn terrific, how come I wear a dress?

    • Hawkeye and BJ: Oh, surgeons in the Army, they say we're mighty bright...we work on patients through the day and nurses through the night!

    • Father Mulcahy: Oh, a chaplain in the Army has a collar 'round his neck...if you don't listen to him, you'll all wind up in Heck!

    • Margaret: Hit it, Father.
      Mulcahy: Hit what?
      Margaret: Anything.

    • Frank: Gee whiz, that's terrific! I haven't seen a good movie in ages.
      Hawkeye: Oh, Frank, don't be childish. It's only a movie.(after Frank leaves) Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! A movie! Hee hee hee hee! I'm so excited I could plotz!

    • Hawkeye: What does a pilot got that I haven't got?
      Bigelow: A plane.
      Hawkeye: Why settle for a plain when you can have a fancy?

    • Potter: Let's all try to get along.
      BJ: (singing) Git along, little doggie...
      Hawkeye: I had a long little doggie once. It was a dachshund.
      BJ: Oh, a little hot dog. What happened to him?
      Hawkeye: He got mustard out.
      BJ: I relish these conversations.

    • (after Klinger hits Frank with his mop)
      Potter: Burns, I put you in charge of this detail.
      BJ: Doin' a great job, Colonel. He's already washed his face and his shirt.
      Hawkeye: At the same time.

    • Hawkeye: (cleaning the gas tanks) This thing has knocked out more guys than Joe Louis.
      BJ: (raising the gas mask) The winner and still champeen...

  • Notes

    • The last scene in which the 4077th surgeons in the O.R sing "My Darling Clementine" is deleted from syndicated prints; it was reinstated in the M*A*S*H Season 5 DVD set in December 2003.

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