Season 9 Episode 11

No Sweat

Aired Unknown Feb 02, 1981 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • This episode continues the running gag of Klinger's "get rich quick" scams. This time he's trying to get rich by learning how to be a T.V. repairman and his practice subject is the Unit's PA system. At first Klinger is confident in his ability to repair it, but spends a majority of the episode trying to undo the damage he has done. After completing the repairs at one point, he sees his hard work dashed by an angry Margaret, who destroys the PA in retaliation for her prickly heat afflicted butt being revealed accidently over the PA by Klinger.

    • It is implied in this episode that Charles' mother's maiden name was Emerson, as he mentions the Emersons and the Winchesters. This would explain how he got his middle name - except he is Charles Emerson Winchester III! His father was also Charles Emerson Winchester, so unless it is just coincidence he met and married a woman whose surname was the same as his middle name, I think this qualifies as a slip-up.

  • Quotes

    • (Hawkeye and BJ opperating on a wounded man, BJ continues to complain about the letter from Peg and Margaret continues to move around, trying to fight off the urge to scratch her behind from the prickly heat.)
      Hawkeye: Some fun, huh Jo Ann? Here we've got one person losing their marbles and another who's slipping on them.

    • (Hawkeye and BJ can't sleep and are sitting in the tent.)
      BJ: Hey Hawk, you want to know what's was in that letter?
      Hawkeye: Can you tell it to me in the dark?
      BJ: Yeah.
      Hawkeye: O.K.
      BJ: Peg said the gutters have to be cleaned out.
      Hawkeye: And...
      BJ: That's it.
      Hawkeye: (Siting up in disblief) Let me get straight, you're talking about gutters. The kind that are on people's houses.
      BJ: Yeah. Damn it.
      Hawkeye: Oh, I see, that's certainly grounds for a hardship discharge. Wake me up if you have any other problems, like if Peg runs out of dental floss.
      (BJ sits up angrily)
      BJ: I knew you wouldn't understand.
      Hawkeye: You've been keeping me up half the night. Playing turkey in the oven, turning the light on to see if I'm done, over gutters?!

    • Winchester: Carbon paper in the safe? What brilliant foresight. In only two million years, it will turn into diamonds.

    • Winchester: (spreading tax records across the mess tables) My father has just rushed this monetary memorabilia because I'm the only person who can decipher it properly apart from our trusted family accountant.
      Father Mulcacy: Well why on Earth isn't he doing it?
      Winchester: Because, as of last Tuesday, our C.P.A is a certified public enemy, having been incarcerated on five counts of fraud, two counts of embezzlement, and countless counts concerning accounts for which he can not...account.

    • Col. Potter: (in a sleeping state) I hope you got the helicopter so you can make copies of it with the carbon paper.

    • Margaret: If those two clowns find out I have a rash on my rear, I'll never hear the end of it ... so to speak.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • One of the big jokes in this episode deals with Margaret and Colonel Potter's conversation about prickly heat and various butt ailments - a conversation inadvertently carried over the PA system by Klinger. This is similar to a scene in the motion picture M*A*S*H where Frank Burns and Margaret's love-making is broadcast over the PA to the entire camp. Of course, this scene is where Margaret gets her nickname "Hot Lips" in the original film.