Season 7 Episode 6

None Like it Hot

Aired Unknown Oct 23, 1978 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • If a cool dip in a bathtub is so wonderful, why doesn't Hawkeye dig up the swimming pool he enjoyed with Trapper and Henry in Episode 65?

  • Quotes

    • (Klinger rushes into the pre-op looking hot and dehydrated and on the verge of collapsing.)
      Klinger: Hey, Doc! Can you spare a salt pill?
      Hawkeye: (disgusted) Oh, Klinger! Come on! Get off it, will ya?
      Klinger: Not when I've come this far. I don't care if they send me back in an eyedropper as long as they send me back. Where do you keep the salt pills?
      (Colonel Potter walks in.)
      Potter: Somebody asking for salt pills?
      (Klinger stands up straight.)
      Klinger: Salt pills? Oh, uh, no, not for me, sir! Some of the other people are having problems with the heat. Weak constitutions, quitters, that sort of thing. I thought I'd spend my last day helping the others. As for myself, sir, I'm fresh as a daisy.
      B. J.: But you smell like a garlic blossom.

    • Mulcahy: Morning, B.J.
      B.J.: Oh, good morning, Father. Hot enough for you?
      Mulcahy: Purgatorial. I like to think of it as a sinner's sneak preview.

    • PA Announcer: Attention! The Pierce-Hunnicut bathtub will remain open on a first-come, first-soap basis. Your cooperation is appreciated, but not expected.

    • Col. Potter: Steady, steady. You want more suction?
      Hawkeye: Just more silence.
      Col. Potter: Okay, okay. But sometimes the simple operations prove to be the trickiest.
      BJ: I had a professor who stitched that on a cadaver.

    • Rhoden: Here's something nobody can resist. (moves between Hawkeye and Radar) Stag films guaranteed to make a grown man blush. (looks at Radar) Probably kill you.

    • Charles: (describing Klinger) That man is the Michelangelo of deviant behavior.

    • Hawkeye: Radar, don't pick at your food. It'll never heal.

    • Margaret: I want it!
      Hawkeye: Women often have that reaction when they see me naked.

    • Charles: Your middle-class sense of decency and fair play will overcome the malice you now bear me, and soon I shall be luxuriating in that canvas Xanadu. And if that craps out, I'll just bribe you silly.

    • Hawkeye: To willpower! Now quick drink, before I run after him.

    • Potter: That's one way out of this man's army.
      Klinger: I always thought of it as That Man's army.

    • Father Mulcahy: I have a good mind to baptise you both, in dirty water.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The episode title is a play on the classic 1959 movie Some Like It Hot, which starred Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis.

    • Hawkeye: Good Lord! Tom Sawyer and Becky are still lost down there!
      Refers to the Mark Twain book, Tom Sawyer, during which the children Tom and Becky become lost in a deep cave system for a great deal of time, and are nearly given up for dead.

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