Season 4 Episode 11

Of Moose and Men

Aired Unknown Nov 21, 1975 on CBS

Episode Recap

Hawkeye and Frank are returning from working at another unit. He has Hawkeye, who is driving, stop so he can take a picture of a sign that says 'Don't Stop Here, You're Under Direct Enemy Vision!!' A bit further down the road, they are held up by a Col. Spiker, who is inspecting a local family. When Hawkeye honks his horn, Spiker waves them by, but Hawkeye stops and accidentally splashes mud on him. Spiker is upset that Hawkeye doesn't care about military courtesy, but Hawkeye says that he's tired from operating on people that were in a bus that ran over a mine. Back at camp, BJ spots Sgt. Zale in the mess tent looking sad and drinking bourbon. He asks what's wrong and Zale shows him a letter from his wife that says she had cheated on him with a neighbor, but wants him to forgive her. BJ says that he should give her another chance, but he gets up and punches a nearby stove, which breaks his hand. Later, Frank and Hawkeye arrive in camp with two patients, a Korean national (who Frank says is an enemy infiltrator) and Col. Spiker, who insists that he either be transferred to another hospital or that someone other than Hawkeye treat him. In OR, Hawkeye finds a piece of shrapnel near Spiker's heart, while Frank is still upset over working on the Korean. Hawkeye manages to get the shrapnel out of Spiker's heart muscle. BJ writes a letter for Zale to his wife Hillda. He doesn't know really what to say, so BJ writes a little, then when Zale starts starts to get angry, he wants to punch something again, and BJ talks him out of it. BJ is called to the hospital and leaves Zale. Frank inspects a local family, including a peddler who has what Frank thinks is a gun, but is really a gun-shaped lighter. Frank says that security will be tight, but Radar tells the family that he will help them. A baseball lands on a nearby oil drum and Frank thinks it is a grenade. Hawkeye is asleep in post-op next to Spiker, watching over him. Margaret gives him a compliment on his performance in the OR, and Hawkeye turns it into a lecherous moment. Meanwhile, Frank is still looking for bombs, even checking his toothpaste, when he spots two locals burying a pot of something, and he thinks it is a bomb. Later, Potter visits Spiker, and he is still upset over Hawkeye and wants charges brought on him. However, Potter says that it was Hawkeye who operated on him and saved his life. He gets upset over Spiker's attitude toward Hawkeye. BJ goes into Radar's office looking for Zale and finds him playing Battleship over the phone with Sparky. Radar says that he could be with his 'moose'--a term for a Korean girlfriend. Later, Spiker asks to see Hawkeye to tell him after his talk with Potter, that he won't press charges against him, even though he says he should. Hawkeye gets all happy--sarcastic, of course. BJ finds Zale with his 'moose' and gives him the letter that to his wife he finished. When he asks Zale if he was being hypocritical, he says that it's because they are so close to the front and it isn't the same for a man as a woman. Later, Frank and a couple of corpsmen look around the area where he saw the Koreans bury the pot; Hawkeye is there and BJ arrives shortly after. One of the men find the pot, but Hawkeye shows him what's in the pot--kimchee, a local dish made of cabbage that is fermented in the ground. That night, Hawk and Beej talk about the day, blow up a couple of surgical gloves and pop them; this startles Frank and he pulls his gun/lighter.
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