Season 4 Episode 11

Of Moose and Men

Aired Unknown Nov 21, 1975 on CBS

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  • This is Frank at his weasely best!

    I particularly love when Frank (while reviewing the Korean civillians - who do odd jobs around camp and Radar acts as go-between/interpreter), says, "No more come and go as you like-y," in complete earnesty. Perfectly exemplifying how boorish he was as to ridicule them by making fun of their stereotyped speech pattern, without out even missing a beat! It was just him being him and Larry Linville was superb at it, and was vastly under-rated as the foil, especially as the humor got more cerebral with the injection of B.J., and not quite as "zany" as the first episodes.
    This episode also shows us the Radar character at his/its' best. As when he is following Frank down the assembled Koreans undoing all of the nonsense Frank was trying to add to their already insane daily lives!