Season 4 Episode 11

Of Moose and Men

Aired Unknown Nov 21, 1975 on CBS



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    • (Frank digs up what he thinks is a bomb)
      BJ: What smells?
      Hawkeye: Frank's bomb. (grabs the pot)
      Frank: Don't!
      Hawkeye: (opens it) It's a kimchee pot, Frank. Kimchee. Pickled cabbage. They ferment it in the ground. There are millions of these buried all over Korea.
      BJ: I'd get title to this land, Major, before word gets out.
      Frank: Huh?
      Hawkeye: Don't you understand, man? You've struck cole slaw!
      (Embarrassed, Frank storms off)
      BJ: (applauding) Let's hear it for the major, folks!
      Hawkeye: Isn't he great? He'll be back, folks, just after he changes for the 11:00 bomb.

    • Frank: (speaking of Hawkeye) He always gets the cowboys and I'm stuck with the Indians.
      Potter: I'm one-fourth Cherokee.
      Frank: Oh. (raises his hand) How.

    • PA Announcer: Captain Hunnicutt, please report to the hospital.
      BJ: Major Burns probably taped himself to a patient again.

    • BJ (to Zale): Sergeant, you can't drink this early in the morning. I know, I keep trying.

    • Colonel Spiker: That officer...Pierce! An oddball. Must make an example of him.
      Colonel Potter: He already is, a fine example of an oddball officer. The best!
      Colonel Spiker: Has no respect for the uniform.
      Colonel Potter: Well, he's never in it anyway.
      Colonel Spiker: No respect for authority...no respect for the war.
      Colonel Potter: Whoa, Colonel, whoa.
      Colonel Spiker: I demand disciplinary action against him. If you don't take it, I will.
      Colonel Potter: You? You're only a bunch of tubes running in and out. You have to go to the latrine by remote control. You're a sick man.
      Colonel Spiker: Aahh...
      Colonel Potter: You'd be napping in a mattress cover over at the morgue if it wasn't for Pierce working on you.
      Colonel Spiker: Hmm? (infuriated) He operated? Not you?
      Colonel Potter: Lucky for you, yes!
      Colonel Spiker: But the last thing I said...
      Colonel Potter: (reprimanding tone) Would've been the last thing you ever said. If Pierce wasn't your surgeon, you'd be a bag of cold cuts now. Jumpin' jodhpurs, man! I'm Regular Army, too - hash marks down to the ground! I started in the cavalry. Learned to look at life from the top of a horse. Well, sometimes I feel I'm still on a horse, only now I'm looking down at a horse's...
      Colonel Spiker: I'm not criticizing your command, Colonel. It's that...that goof-off!
      Colonel Potter: That goof-off saved your can. You're alive and kicking, kicking like an Army mule because of that man's skill and dedication as a surgeon. Sufferin' saddle soap! You owe your life to that man!

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