Season 2 Episode 15

Officers Only

Aired Unknown Dec 22, 1973 on CBS

Episode Recap

Trapper gets x-rays of a patient with a lot of shrapnel and gets Radar to have Hawkeye operate on him, despite him being in bed. During surgery, Henry informs them that the patient is Gen. Mitchell's son. When Frank hears this, he offers to assist, but Trapper objects. Henry tells Klinger no one will believe that he's pregnant, but he wants them to think he is crazy enough. Radar tells Henry that Gen. Mitchell is coming in. He goes to Henry's tent before he can clean up. The general gives Henry a bottle of 12 year-old scotch and goes to visit his son in the post-op. Frank kisses up to the general and he goes to talk to Hawkeye and Trapper. He gives them a three-day pass to Tokyo in gratitude and they have a wild time, with Henry getting calls about their escapades. While they are gone, Frank gets an officer's club for the camp from the general, but it is not for the enlisted men. Radar has the other non-coms act military in front of Hawkeye and Trapper to get them to open the club up for everyone. Henry says that if they can get other officers to sign a petition, he will open the club, but Frank and Margaret refuse. The club has its grand opening with Gen. Mitchell attending. When his son comes in to have a drink, Hawkeye says it's for officers only and the general says exceptions can be made for family. Hawkeye brings in the enlisted men and nurses, saying they are his family. The party gets going with everyone dancing. Frank is upset that the general is dancing with Margaret, but, drunk on a Shirley Temple, he faints.