Season 9 Episode 14

Oh, How We Danced

Aired Unknown Feb 23, 1981 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • After being punched in the mouth by Major Finch, Charles speaks quite casually about getting a tooth replaced. Next season, in 'The Tooth Shall Set You Free' we will find that Charles has a phobia about dentists.

    • During the celebration in Potter's office, Peg's dialogue is interspersed with comments by B.J. that were recorded without his knowledge. If you listen carefully, it is clear that the line about Peg pouring him "a damn cup of coffee and I drink it!" is not the same recording we heard being made in the Officers' Club.

    • B.J. Hunnicutt's anniversary is May 23.

    • The tune the little boy is playing on the harmonica is Anniversary Waltz by Johann Strauss.

  • Quotes

    • Hawkeye: I feel patriotic when I come out of OR. My whites are all covered with red and it gives me the blues.

    • (Hawkeye is talking on the telephone)
      Hawkeye: ...and I am sure, my pugnacious Major Finch, that you are cognizant that a military tribunal does not look favorably upon the felonious assault of an officer! (Aside) I think I hurt my tongue.

    • Klinger: We're in for it now.
      Hawkeye: What's the matter?
      Klinger: It's a long, ugly story. You know that harmonica Major Finch got us? Well it seems he stole it from one of his men. So the guy got ticked off and decided to press charges against Finch. So Finch claimed that Winchester called him up and blackmailed him. So I corps called Colonel Potter, who in turn called in Winchester who denied knowing anything about the phone call. So Potter says "Well if you didn't make the phone call, who did? Why am I asking? Get Pierce and Hunnicut over here right now!"

    • Winchester: (recording a message, unaware that Hawkeye and BJ are listening) The morning air is crisp and still. In mere moments, I embark on a military mission that may mark my final hours on this planet. Therefore I leave you with these few parting thoughts. To my dear father, I grant you power of attorney, with the disposition of all my real estate. To my devoted mother, I bestow upon you my proxy with the single proviso that it never be used to vote for cousin Alfred. To my gentle sister Honoria, I bequeath my butterfly collection. I know you probably don't want it, but cousin Alfred does. Farewell Cape Cod. Farewell Harvard Yard. Farewell Baked Scrod.
      (Hawkeye and BJ walk in clapping their hands)
      BJ: Bravo, bravo. What a touching farewell to cod, yard, and scrod.

    • BJ: We didn't know whether you were late Charles or the late Charles. We thought you may have been shot and were trying to figure out which side did it.

    • Col. Potter: A combat unit has been deployed near us and we need an MD to give them their sanitation inspection.
      (Winchester coughs faintly)
      Hawkeye: It's not my turn. I went last time.
      Col. Potter: I know that Pierce, I keep track of these things. Hunnicut went before you and you went the time before Hunnicut. It seems there's one name conspicuously missing from the list. Every time it pops to the top, that fellow comes down with some mysterious malady.
      (Winchester continues to cough)
      Hawkeye: The Winchester version of yellow fever.
      Col. Potter: Major, Doc Potter knows just the cure for what ails you. A nice day in the country.

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