Season 7 Episode 4

Our Finest Hour

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 1978 on CBS

Episode Recap

A Movietone newsreel report on frontline fighting and medical units starts, with footage from the unit also shown. In post-op, Hawkeye gives an order on a patient. She looks over the patient, then Clete Roberts begins his report. He says there is no end to the conflict despite the ongoing peace talks. Roberts says this is not the first time he has come to the 4077th, but he returned because of the unit's record of efficiency and their remarkable record of saving the lives of wounded. Roberts approaches Hawkeye and asks how he copes as a professional surgeon with the conditions in camp. He says that he turns his mind off and hopes it goes away. Then, more serious, he says that he just does his job and tries to forget that there's a war just outside the window. Scenes of bombing near the OR are shown. In one, Hawkeye says it can't go on much more than forever. In another, Radar is in Col. Blake's office hiding under the desk, calling ICorps saying they are being shelled. The person on the other end says there are no enemy units in their sector, so Radar puts the phone out the window so he can hear it, but the phone gets blown up. In Col. Potter's office, Roberts says he has seen the casualty reports and the number of wounded that go through the camp is staggering. Potter says it makes for long OR sessions and sometimes tired surgeons almost fall asleep on their patients. Several scenes are shown: First, Potter says he has worked around the clock. BJ says he is so tired he can't remember his last patient and Hawkeye says he had quintuplets. Next, Potter does surgery as he soaks his feet. Next, Potter and Hawkeye rest at an aid station. Then Trapper has a rendezvous with a nurse on break. Roberts asks what the most difficult problem in camp. Klinger says doing things the Army way and Radar talks about all the paperwork. Next, a scene where Radar gives Henry paperwork to sign and initial. Next, from 'The Incubator,' Capt. Sloan tells the doctors they can not have an incubator because it is not on the basic equipment list. Then, Roberts asks people what they miss the most. They all say things back home. Radar says his own room, then, from 'Officer of the Day,' a scene where Radar undressed for bed and asks Hawkeye to close the doors from Henry's office. Margaret tells Roberts she misses a sense of order and discipline. Frank says that by bringing in discipline, he hopes to have made the war more enjoyable. Next, also from 'Officer of the Day,' he has Igor fire a ceremonial salute, only to have it hit Radar's bugle after he blew reveille. Next, BJ says he misses anyone's cooking. Then Hawkeye tries to get BJ to guess what his food smells like, followed by the scene from 'Adam's Ribs' where he goes nuts in the mess tent after finding liver or fish for the 11th consecutive day. Another Movietone newsreel is next, where President Truman says the US foreign policy is a matter of life or death, Nixon saying no money from constituents went into his pocket, and Eisenhower saying he will go to Korea. Roberts says that despite the unit being diverse and perhaps disparate, the war has molded them into a family. Potter calls them the best people he has ever worked with. Then, from 'Dear Mildred,' Radar gives Potter the horse he rescued. BJ says that when you share the horror they do, you cling to them. Klinger says he hates the army, but he loves the people in the unit. Radar says that people come and go so fast, that you get to know someone and they leave and someone new comes in. Then, from 'Mail Call,' Trapper tries to desert and Hawk tries to stop him. Margaret says she is regular army and they are not, but she thanks them when the casualties come in. Hawk says you get close to people and uses BJ as an example. Scenes from 'Hanky Panky,' where BJ has an affair with a nurse, is shown. Father Mulcahy talks about Charles. Then, from 'Fade Out, Fade In' and 'The Winchester Tapes' chronicle Charles' arrival. Charles tells Roberts he will try to forget the people, but never will, especially Hawkeye. Several scenes of Hawk's antics are shown, then he talks about Margaret. Several scenes of her affair with Frank are shown, then scenes between them culminating in where they comfort each other in 'Comrades in Arms.' Roberts then talks about the weather extremes in Korea followed by several scenes about the cold. Roberts asks people what they do to relax. Hawkeye says drinking and Mulcahy says poker. Charles says classical music, then BJ talks about horseplay, then several scenes of practical jokes are shown. Next, Frank is stuck with a needle from the pilot episode. Hawkeye then talks about his many 'temporary relationships' and his many rendezvous with women are shown. Next, Klinger says if he relaxed, people may think he likes it there. Then several of his dodges and outfits are shown, including his first meeting with Potter from 'Change of Command,' as well as his many 'letters from home' from 'Mail Call.' BJ says he is the only sane one, it's the rest of them that are crazy. Potter tells him that no one wants to be here. Scenes are shown about how everyone wants to go home. Following is the sing-a-long from 'Movie Tonight.' More newsreel footage of the war is shown, then Roberts asks how being in the war has changed them. Hawkeye is impressed of the fragility of the human body and the resilience of the human spirit. BJ says he is angry, Charles says he has been exposed to vastly divergent points of view, and Margaret how much she cares about people. The scene from 'The Nurses' where she is confronted by her nurses is shown. She then says she feels older than she ever intended to be. Roberts asks what memories they will take with them. Hawkeye says the face of every kid that comes through. He also says he will never forget the day he goes home, but at the moment he can't imagine it. Charles says he blots them out as they happen. Margaret says the people, that they are family. Mulcahy says the faces of the Korean children, Klinger the good times(there were three), Potter the dedication of the people, and how their enthusiasm has rubbed off on him, and that he doesn't have to remember it, he will take it with him. Radar says one very bad day, the one where Henry Blake got his discharge. Several scenes from 'Abyssinia, Henry' are shown: where Henry learns of his discharge, where he says goodbye to the camp(including hugging Hawkeye, zipping up Klinger, kissing Margaret, and saluting Radar), then Radar telling of Henry's plane being shot down. Radar then says he doesn't want to talk about it. Then Mulcahy talking about how the doctors warm their hands over the open wounds of their patients from 'The Interview' is shown. As casualties cone in, Hawkeye talks about how the common denominator is blood. Several scenes are shown: Hawkeye ripping on the American dream, Radar being upset over Hawkeye getting sick in the OR and his response from 'Fallen Idol,' his talking about wounded still coming despite others leaving from 'The Late Captain Pierce,' and Hawk grieving over his friend dying and Henry comforting him from 'Sometimes You Hear The Bullet.' Roberts ends his report by saying, 'There's no way to summarize what you've just seen and heard save to say that, God willing, all these exceptional people will be going home one day. Let us hope that neither they, nor any others, will ever have to assemble for such a purpose again. Good night.'