Season 7 Episode 4

Our Finest Hour

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 1978 on CBS



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    • Hawkeye: You get close to everybody in a place like this. Some more than others, of course. Uh, my bunkmate for instance, B.J. Hunnicutt. Clean-cut, family man, even temperament. In spite of that, I really like the guy.

    • Mulcahy: Poker. I know that may sound very strange, but poker relaxes me. There's nothing more satisfying than "shearing the flock", as it were. Of course, it all goes to the orphans. Well, almost all of it.

    • Fr. Mulcahy: When the doctors cut into a patient-and it's cold, you know, the way it is now, today-steam rises from the body. (voice trembling) And the doctor will...will warm himself over the open wound. Could anyone look on that and not feel changed?

    • B. J.: (speaking of Klinger) He's the only sane one here. It's the rest of us who are crazy.

    • Hawkeye: I've established some wonderful temporary relationships with a lot of the nurses here. I like to think of myself as kind of the social director of the heart.

    • Clete Roberts: If you are going to hold a war, this is probably the most brutal climate on earth in which to do it.

    • Hawkeye: Our head nurse is really something. Major Houlihan . . . Margaret. Did I mention she's really something?

    • BJ: When you see the kind of horror that we do, day in and day out, you don't just feel close. You cling to each other.
      Klinger: I hate the damn Army, but I love these people.

    • (Hawkeye lists things he misses)
      Hawkeye: A mattress thicker than a matzoh, my own bathroom - - with a combination lock, any woman out of any uniform, and the entire state of Maine.

    • Roberts: Captain Pierce, when you leave here, what memories will you take with you?
      Pierce: That's easy: the face of every kid who comes through here.

  • Notes

    • If you listen closely after the clip from "The Winchester Tapes" of Charles saying "Get me the HELL out of here!!!" - which originally ended that episode - you can hear the first few notes from the music regularly played at the end of episodes before they cut to the next clip.

    • One of the clips showing Father Mulcahy being interviewed is actually from the season 4 episode 'The Interview'. This is evident in that in this clip, Mulcahy is dressed differently (including wearing a cap), than when he is being interviewed throughout the rest of this episode.

    • On the DVD release of season seven, FOX included the syndication print of this episode instead of the original, explaining in a disclaimer found on the episode's menu screen: "OUR FINEST HOUR originally aired on television as a one hour episode on October 9, 1978. Over time the original master materials were damaged and proved to be unworthy of DVD release. In order to provide the best visual and audio presentation possible, Fox placed the syndication version of this episode onto the DVD. This episode is now in two parts as it is in syndication."
      ...Viewers have the option of viewing parts one and two together, or as two separate episodes.

    • The clips from past shows are in color, whereas the interviews with the 4077th staff are in black and white (with orange subtitles of their names).

    • This episode features Hawkeye Pierce's scathing criticism of bringing the American "way of life" to Korea.

    • This is the only episode to have footage of Wayne Rogers, the late MacLean Stevenson and Larry Linville after their departures from the show.

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