Season 7 Episode 12

Out of Gas

Aired Unknown Dec 04, 1978 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Charles loses (to the black marketeers) the winterized suit that he flaunted in front of everybody in "Baby, It's Cold Outside." Serves him right!

    • Radar calls the 8055th M*A*S*H unit to try to get some sodium pentathol; this is the original M*A*S*H unit on which the book, movie and tv show were based.

  • Quotes

    • Father Mulcahy: I might be able to arrange a drop.
      Col. Potter: It's gonna take a lot more than a drop, Padre!
      Father Mulcahy: I mean, with the black market.
      Col. Potter: Not advisable. Those boys play rough.
      Hawkeye: Yeah, they cut your nose off to spite your face!
      Margaret: And besides, who'd be low enough to have connections with those tarantulas?
      Father Mulcahy: As a matter of fact, me.
      Margaret: You?
      Hawkeye: Why, you devil, you!
      Father Mulcahy: I've dealt with the black market to get supplies for the orphans. You can get practically anything.
      Hawkeye: Yeah, but you have to give them practically everything!
      Father Mulcahy: Not always...you'd be surprised what a priest can get away with!

    • Father Mulcahy (about Charles): He was a real blessing out there, Colonel, and God willing, I'll never be blessed with him again.

    • Radar (after being told to wake everyone up): It's going to be kind of hard to wake up Major Winchester since he went off with Father Mulcahy.
      Colonel Potter: He didn't.
      Radar: Okay, he didn't. But he did.

    • (Margaret wakes Hawkeye from a nap)
      Hawkeye: Margaret? This can't be heaven, I've only been dead five minutes.

    • Patient (getting stitches while under local anesthesia): Is the anesthetic gonna hold, Doc?
      Hawkeye (looking at the nurse): The only pain you're going to feel is when you find out she's married.

    • Margaret (after collapsing in OR): I'm all right. I'm more embarrassed . . .
      Hawkeye: That's okay, I covered for you. I told everyone you had morning sickness.

    • Radar: We're really up the river without a creek!

    • (During a poker game)
      Margaret: Who upped the ante?
      Father Mulcahy: That was me. I was inspired by the Old Testament. As the Lord said to Noah, everything in pairs.
      Hawkeye: Of course, the Lord was holding three aces at the time.

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