Season 6 Episode 16

Patent 4077

Aired Unknown Jan 10, 1978 on CBS

Episode Recap

In an OR session, Hawkeye bemoans the fact that the arterial transplant he is working on may fail because the clamp Margaret is using is too big, usually for heart surgery. Father Mulcahy asks why they don't use the right clamp and Potter says it does not exist yet. He tells Hawkeye not to beat himself up over it and Hawk wonders why they don't have the right instrument. Potter says that it may be because someone hasn't asked yet. BJ suggest they ask and Potter says official channels will take a long time, so the best bet is the Corps of Engineers. Margaret comes in looking for her wedding ring. She's lost it and is going through the old scrubs looking for it. It was wrapped in a piece of tissue paper and has an inscription that says 'Over hill, over dale, our love will never fail.' Klinger comes in and says he threw it away and the garbage truck had just left. The Corps of Engineers can make the clamp they want but they are building a dam and can't do it for 90 days. Hawk and Beej have trouble making their own and Charles has fun watching them. Zale tells them that he could build it. Klinger comes back after going through tons of trash with no ring and Margaret vows to make his life miserable. Zale comes back with his clamp and it looks good but Charles says it won't hold. Hawkeye uses it on his hand but it is too tight and won't come off. Hawk calls the engineers back and offers them dates for a ball they are throwing if they will build the clamp. They refuse and Margaret comes in and gets the nurses to work. She has been running them ragged since losing her ring. Hawk and Beej find Mr. Shin, a local merchant who has several rings of the same kind Margaret lost. He says someone in Tokyo makes then cheaply. They buy the ring for 25 bucks and have him make the inscription that Donald had put on it. They also have him make the clamp they want. Shin charges them 10 bucks because they bought the ring. Hawk and Beej give Klinger the ring to give to Margaret, saying he found it. However, the inscription says 'Our love will ever fail,' so she knows it isn't hers. Margaret gets Klinger to tell her it was the doctors who did it. She thinks it was huge joke, but he says they were just trying to help. He says she should appreciate the effort. An ambulance comes in and among the wounded is another one who needs an arterial transplant; he is even from Mulcahy's hometown. They use the clamp and it comes through well. During the surgery, Margaret thanks Hawkeye for the ring and how he found out. Later, they talk to the patient and the leg pulled through. They show him the clamp that they made to help out. They also find the inscription: 'Over hill, over dale, Korean Clamp will never fail.' Hawkeye says, 'That's where he put the 'N!'' Later, Mr. Shin tells them he has a new line of surgical supplies. He has a pearl-handled scalpel with accessories; Hawk and Beej don't take it until he gets to the corkscrew.