Season 8 Episode 6

Period of Adjustment

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1979 on CBS

Episode Recap

Col. Potter is continuously covering for Klinger, who, as new company clerk, has become so overwhelmed by the increasing demands of the unit, he has gotten far behind in his army paperwork. He gets sick of everyone giving him a hard time, forever comparing him to by-now departed Radar O'Reilly and how he doesn't measure up to him. A letter from Peg Hunnicutt brings news of Radar's visit to San Francisco (en route to his hometown in Iowa). When poor BJ reads his daughter Erin called Radar "Daddy!" because he was wearing a uniform just like her real daddy, he is put into so deep a funk he gets very drunk, destroys the still, slugs Hawkeye and disappears, along with Klinger. As Hot Lips and Charles search for them, they discover that BJ and Klinger, fresh from the officers' club, were kicked out of Rosie's Bar as a result of throwing darts, pretzels and peanuts at Radar's face drawn on a napkin. Meanwhile, Father Mulcahy tells Potter an interesting story about another company clerk who had an equally harrowing time learning about his job: Radar! BJ and Klinger are discovered in Potter's office, having broken into his liquor cabinet and getting even more drunk. Potter talks to Klinger, apologizes, and tells him to ease into the job and make it his, while BJ breaks down and confesses to Hawkeye his jealousy of Radar and his predecessor Trapper John, both being back home, and the tragic realization of how, no matter what happens, all of the time he spent away from his daughter is lost forever. The two make up and, along with Klinger, rebuild the still.
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