Season 8 Episode 6

Period of Adjustment

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1979 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • There is absolutely no way a military medical unit would give up a trained medic (Klinger) and turn him into a company clerk. Both medic and clerk are specific military occupational specialties requiring months of training. The 4077th would have gotten a new clerk trained in that MOS.

    • Colonel Potter asks Father Mulcahy "You wouldn't lie to a Presbyterian, would you?" - but in Colonel Potter's first appearance, "Change of Command" (Season 4) he says he is a Methodist.

    • It seems a bit odd that Klinger is struggling as Company Clerk - seeing as how he filled in for the absent Radar during half of the previous season!

  • Quotes

    • (Potter and Margaret come into the office after trying to find an AWOL BJ and Klinger.)
      Margaret: I'll call the MP's.
      Potter: I appreciate that, Major.
      BJ and Klinger: (in Potter's office) YAAAAHHOOO!
      Potter: Either we've struck paydirt, or my office is being overun by a couple of big, silly mice.

    • Charles: Klinger, thought I'd find you here.
      Klinger: It's mail call sir.
      Charles: Yes I know. I just found mine outside on the ground!
      Klinger: Okay, so I dropped it!
      Hawkeye: Maybe it's a suicide note and jumped out by itself.
      Charles: It really astounds me, Klinger, that you still are company clerk. I thought by now they would have replaced you with a higher form of plant life.
      Hawkeye: Don't listen to him Klinger, we love you. Especially in the springtime when you bloom.

    • Col. Potter: Let's clear the air, Klinger, I guess we both realize you're no Radar.
      Klinger (Hung over, slurred): So they tell me, sir.
      Col. Potter: But, by the same token, Radar is no Klinger.
      Klinger: I don't follow you, sir.
      Col. Potter: Folks around here were pretty fond of Henry Blake when he ran this fort, weren't they?
      Klinger: Well, sure! The Colonel was a top-notch kind of a guy.
      Col. Potter: You bet he was. And I don't mind telling you my first few days in his shadow were a mite uneasy. No one was jumping for joy over me. I was no Henry Blake, never tried to be. That didn't make me any better or worse, just different. The point is, the folks here gave me the time to take this job and make it Sherman Potter's. I guess I forgot that when you took over for Radar. What I'm trying to say is, you need the time to make this job Max Klinger's. So, just do it! And, if you need some help, if you've got a question, just knock on my door. Is that clear, Max?
      Klinger: Crystal clear, sir.
      Col. Potter: All right, (they stand up) from now on, Radar's office is closed, Klinger's is open.
      (Klinger salutes, then collapses back into the chair in an inebriated state)
      Col. Potter: OK, we'll open tomorrow.

    • Father Mulcahy: You seem to think that Klinger leaves a little to be desired as a company clerk.
      Colonel Potter: I think he leaves everything to be desired as a company clerk!
      Father Mulcahy: Well, awhile back, before you arrived, we had a fellow here who was much worse.
      Colonel Potter: Worse? Than Klinger?! Father, you wouldn't be lying to a Presbyterian, would you?
      Father Mulcahy: No, no. This was a real bozo. Couldn't do anything right, drove everybody crazy with questions. You should've seen him trying to patch through a call--looked like hand-to-hand combat. Folks here were convinced the enemy had set in to sabotage the unit.
      Colonel Potter: Yeah? And what became of this rube?
      Father Mulcahy: Well, as time went along, he got a little better. Your late predecessor, Henry Blake, rest his soul, helped him along to get situated and settled into the job.
      Colonel Potter: You suckered me, Padre! You're talking about Radar!
      Father Mulcahy: (smiling) The very same bozo. You see, when you arrived, you got the broken-in model. But my, my, those first few months were harrowing indeed! Now, at the risk of interfering, Colonel, don't you think that Klinger deserves the same consideration?
      Colonel Potter: Well, it's not easy being patient with a Company Clerk who so far can't find a hippo in a foot locker.
      Father Mulcahy: Just so you make the effort, Colonel.

    • Hawkeye: If you are ordering nurses, order me one, with everything to go!

    • BJ: Here's mud in your eye.
      Hawkeye: Beats knuckles any day!

    • BJ: First time my little girl ever called anybody "Daddy"...(sobs) and it wasn't me!

    • Hawkeye: I've been stuck in this sewer longer than you have, and nobody wants out of here more than I do!
      BJ: Really?
      Hawkeye: Yeah, and let me tell you something else: you're wasting your time with that stuff! I can tell you from personal experience it won't work for long!
      BJ: Really?
      Hawkeye: Yeah! It may get you drunk, but it won't get you home!
      BJ: Oh, yeah?! (proceeds to destroy the still)
      Hawkeye: What are you doing?!
      BJ: Just trying not to waste any more time!

    • Hawkeye: I'll be in conference with my pillow.
      Charles: Only if you can avoid your bunkmate Hunnicutt, last seen awash in a sea of that home-brewed swill of yours.
      Hawkeye: Very boring, Charles. I've seen BJ drink before...
      Charles: Pierce...not like this. If I were his liver, I would sue for separate maintenance!
      Hawkeye: In that case, I'll try to fall asleep before I even get there.

    • (Charles, Klinger and Margaret come off the chow line in the mess tent.])
      Charles: That rapier-like wit! I've seen snappier comebacks from a bowl of Rice Krispies!
      Klinger: Oh, first I'm a plant; now, I'm breakfast food! What next?!
      Charles: Well, you're crude and unrefined...how about petroleum?
      Klinger: That does it! I'm going to a table where I can be appreciated!
      Margaret: There's an empty one over there.
      (Charles and Margaret sit down next to Father Mulcahy and B.J. while Klinger sits down at another table.)
      Father Mulcahy: Please please! Don't you people think enough is enough? You've got to stop picking on poor Klinger. He's doing all he can under very trying circumstances.
      Charles: Well, Father, he's certainly done one thing remarkably well--he's made me realize what a little (looks at Klinger) gem Radar was!

  • Notes

    • Charles S. Dudin received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series.

    • This episode has been unofficially called part 3 of "Goodbye Radar" due to the fact that everyone is trying to adjust to life without him.

    • Trapper John, Henry Blake and Radar are all mentioned in this episode - all the original, departed characters except Frank Burns, who does not get a mention.

    • This is the first of 9 episodes written or co-written by John Rappaport. The last is the final episode.

  • Allusions

    • Klinger comes in to deliver the mail and he's in a bad mood. BJ says, "The postman always sneers twice," a reference to the 1946 movie The Postman Always Rings Twice.

    • Title: Period Of Adjustment was a 1962 movie starring Jane Fonda.