Season 8 Episode 6

Period of Adjustment

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1979 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Father Mulcahy: You seem to think that Klinger leaves a little to be desired as a company clerk.
      Colonel Potter: I think he leaves everything to be desired as a company clerk!
      Father Mulcahy: Well, awhile back, before you arrived, we had a fellow here who was much worse.
      Colonel Potter: Worse? Than Klinger?! Father, you wouldn't be lying to a Presbyterian, would you?
      Father Mulcahy: No, no. This was a real bozo. Couldn't do anything right, drove everybody crazy with questions. You should've seen him trying to patch through a call--looked like hand-to-hand combat. Folks here were convinced the enemy had set in to sabotage the unit.
      Colonel Potter: Yeah? And what became of this rube?
      Father Mulcahy: Well, as time went along, he got a little better. Your late predecessor, Henry Blake, rest his soul, helped him along to get situated and settled into the job.
      Colonel Potter: You suckered me, Padre! You're talking about Radar!
      Father Mulcahy: (smiling) The very same bozo. You see, when you arrived, you got the broken-in model. But my, my, those first few months were harrowing indeed! Now, at the risk of interfering, Colonel, don't you think that Klinger deserves the same consideration?
      Colonel Potter: Well, it's not easy being patient with a Company Clerk who so far can't find a hippo in a foot locker.
      Father Mulcahy: Just so you make the effort, Colonel.

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