Season 8 Episode 6

Period of Adjustment

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1979 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (Charles, Klinger and Margaret come off the chow line in the mess tent.])
      Charles: That rapier-like wit! I've seen snappier comebacks from a bowl of Rice Krispies!
      Klinger: Oh, first I'm a plant; now, I'm breakfast food! What next?!
      Charles: Well, you're crude and unrefined...how about petroleum?
      Klinger: That does it! I'm going to a table where I can be appreciated!
      Margaret: There's an empty one over there.
      (Charles and Margaret sit down next to Father Mulcahy and B.J. while Klinger sits down at another table.)
      Father Mulcahy: Please please! Don't you people think enough is enough? You've got to stop picking on poor Klinger. He's doing all he can under very trying circumstances.
      Charles: Well, Father, he's certainly done one thing remarkably well--he's made me realize what a little (looks at Klinger) gem Radar was!