Season 7 Episode 10

Point of View

Aired Unknown Nov 20, 1978 on CBS

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  • Could well be my favourite episode of the series.

    Most of my favourite episodes are in the first few seasons with the original cast.

    But out of the later episodes - this is definately my favourite. Its a very daring think to do to have the whole episode viewed from the eyes of one person.

    But the fact that this soldier can't talk because of his injuries makes it the perfect opportunity to see how the best doctors in the M*A*S*H unit reassure the soldiers that everything is going to be OK.

    You get a real graspof the kindness of so many of the characters in the show, and I especially loved how Potter was able to confide in this man on why he was so upset (Forgot his anniversary) while he could only take his anger out at everyone else!