Season 10 Episode 15

Pressure Points

Aired Unknown Feb 15, 1982 on CBS

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  • The best and the worst in one episode.

    This episode clearly shows how Mash could go right, ... or wrong. In the mind of many people the show turned "unfunny" in the later seasons, it became too serious. (The final episode is still a matter of discussion because of this very diagnosis.) The plot line of Colonel Potter's doubts appears to support that theory. No matter how beautifully played by Henry Morgan, it felt a bit too heavy for MASH. Originally the show was a satire, and so by definition it would treat serious matters with some irreverence. A good comedy can surprise the viewer with a sudden tear, but it mustn't get bogged down by them.

    On the other hand we get a perfect Laurel & Hardy moment in the fight scene in the Swamp. In utter silence Winchester and BJ & Hawkeye destroy each other's property. The people who made this, knew how to do comedy!