Season 1 Episode 3

Requiem for a Lightweight

Aired Unknown Oct 01, 1972 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In the first shot of Trapper running behind the jeep, he has a large patch of sweat on his chest. For the rest of the scene it is dry.

    • When Trapper uses Frank's bag for training, the inscription is saying Property of MAJ. Frank W. Burns. But later Frank is called Franklin D. and Franklin Marion Burns.

    • Goof: In the very last scene when Henry brings Nurse Cutler into the Swamp, there is close up shot of Trapper and he says something to Nurse Cutler but his lips do not move, he is just smiling.

    • Goof: Just where did the 4077 get a boxing ring? And how did they get it set up in the mess tent? And why would they put it up a day or two before the fight?

    • Goof: Father Mulcahy was a boxer, why didn't they ask him to do the boxing for the event?

  • Quotes

    • Trapper: (to his opponent after seeing him) Me doctor, need hands, operate.

    • Henry: (to Margie) Keep moving, or you're dead.

    • (after the first round ends)
      Trapper: Where am I?
      Hawkeye: You're right here, in the ring.
      Trapper: Now for the big question: who am I?

    • (watching Trapper's opponent work out)
      Hawkeye: You're not getting in the ring with that guy until I hear him speak.
      Trapper: This fight has been called on account of chicken.

    • Trapper: If you say no, we'll tell everybody that your brother's in jail.
      Henry: My brother is a warden!
      Hawkeye: We won't say that part.

    • Margie: Maj. Houlihan says I'm a bit of a distraction.
      Trapper: What a rotten thing to say!
      Hawkeye: Yeah, you're an incredible distraction. And we're not giving you up. You're the best thing to hit this place since dry socks.

    • Margaret: My sex is none of your business!
      Trapper: Just say the word!

    • (in the operating room)
      Hawkeye: Sponge.
      Margie: Sponge.
      Hawkeye: Pickups.
      Margie: Pickups.
      Hawkeye: Kiss.
      Margie: What?
      Hawkeye: Surprise me.

    • Radar (about Trapper's opponent): If he wanted to, he could be a platoon.

    • (Trapper is punching one of Frank's bags)
      Margaret: Isn't that Frank's bag?
      Trapper: I thought you were Frank's bag.

    • (discussing Trapper's opponent)
      Radar: A guy told me he was crossing the road, and this jeep came too close to him. He punched it.
      Trapper: He punched a jeep?
      Radar: He knocked it out.
      Trapper: Hawkeye, this guy knocks out jeeps!
      Hawkeye: Showboat.

    • Frank: That's ether!
      Hawkeye: (wincing) A little louder, Frank, I think the cook didn't hear you.

  • Notes

    • This is the first episode in which William Christopher plays Father Mulcahy. He was a replacement for George Morgan who had played him in the pilot.

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