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  • mash 4077th! the longest television show that ever ran!

    this show has with stand every show that was ever made in television history! due part of the vietnam war and the fact that the american miltary helped any life no matter if they were the enemy or just standard civilians. i think the last episode was the best one goodbye, farewell, amen. till this day in 2007 afi still ranks it #1 out of the top 100 shows of all time.
  • The mother of all comedies

    What makes this show so good is the contrast to the out-of-place doctors (who really would want to be anywhere else) sick of the war and most visible the career personell the death and destruction and well basically the war in general.

    Doctors are drafted to the Korean police action very much against their will, and try to stay alive and sane by goofing around.

    On the other end of the spectrum you have the career soldiers that have faith in the purpose of the war and can't take the sarcasm and the naked desdain the doctors show for the military and the war.

    Throughout the series you see a change in how they interact, the doctors get a little more calm and the career soldiers get a little more fed up with the lack of progress in the war and the unending stream of injured kids going through their hands.
  • One of the most famous shows of all time.

    M*A*S*H is one of the best shows of all time. It combines side spliting humor with tearjerking drama. Also, its cast perfectly acts out the true horrors of war, and the friendships that help people get through it. The show takes place during the Korean war, where the members of the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital try to put soliers back together without falling apart themselves. The plots circle around the cheif surgeon, Hawkeye Pierce, who uses humour to keep his sanity. He, and his co-pilot, Trapper John McIntyre, amuse themselves (and others in the process) by pulling pranks on their slightly insane and very G.I. second in command, Frank Burns, and equally annoying Head Nurse, Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan. The other characters include: Henry Blake, the bumbling but well meaning C.O., Klinger, the cross dressing, section 8 hopeful, Father Mulcahey, the mild manered priest, and the young, naive company clerk, Radar O'riely (so named because of his ability to see things before they happen). When the show began it was focused more on humor, but by the end it was mostly drama. As the show changed, so did the characters. In one very dramatic episode, Henry is killed on his way home. He is replaced by the strict, but kindhearted, Sherman Potter. Around that time, Trapper gets shipped stateside and is replaced by a slightly more easy going character named BJ Hunnicutt. Later, Frank goes berserk after Hot Lips breaks off their love affair, and is replaced by the pompous, conservative, but war hating Charles Emerson Winchester III. Some of the more longer lasting characters became completely different. By the time Radar went home, he had completely grown up, and when Klinger takes over as company clerk, he decides to give up on the section 8. Hot Lips went from being strict and annoying, to kind and war weary. By the end of the show she is referred to as Margaret. Also, Hawkeye gets crazier every season and finally snaps in the series finale when he blames himself for the death of a baby. These characters made up a great show with strong plots that really made you think. And with its great humor, like Klinger trying to escape on a hangglider while wearing pink fuzzy slippers and a hairnet, and its drama, like the death of Henry Blake, it will go down in history.
  • Mash has got to be the best show ever!!

    I have the first nine seasons on DVD. I have seen every episode there is several hundred times and I can not get enough of it!!!! I do not think there is any other show that can make you laugh and cry at the same time.. Mash will live on forever..
  • It's about the Korean war and the life of a mash unit that happen to be in the middle of it. There's many different characters but the main one is Benjamin Franklin Pierce it's about the things him and his friends go through and how they deal with the war

    It's so good. I love it and it's humor. Sometimes it hard to get and it's sad to watch when your favorite characters leave. I was really sad when Radar left home for home after his Uncle died, or when Blake died when his plane was shot down. I also cried when the show ended it was really good. It was also really funny it was very original and very good I'm sad it ended but like the war it's self i had to end. I just loved it all around pretty much but it's rude that that one buy left at the beginning and didn't even say goodbye it's really rude but I'm not one to judge.
  • This show was great and entertaining I can still watch episodes that I have seen 10 times, and still enjoy them.

    This show is beyond a classic. People always say if you saw the movie 1st you like that better, and if you saw the TV show 1st you usually like that better. I liked the TV show. I liked Trapper a little more than BJ, because that was my type of humor but they were both great characters. I liked pierce but there were times you got sick of him whining and acting like a big baby, on a soap box, and it makes you turn the channel. The one's Alan Alda directed with the liberal agenda, but some of his were good. I did like the one with the clock, and the guy had 24 hours to see if he was alright, and the guy who they just showed everything through his eyes. I might be a little biased since I'm from the Toledo area, but I liked Klinger, that was a great character, even after he stopped dressing in drag. Jamie Farr has done alot for this city too.
  • The perfect mix of Comedy/Drama/Action/Adventure/Cross Dressing.

    When my aunt bought me a M*A*S*H DVD Box Set for Christmas, I thought, "this women never fails to produce a dud gift." But when I watched it, I was hooked, I loved all of the characters, from Frank Burns to Radar. Every episode touched more than one emotion, M*A*S*H made me feel happy, sad, angry, glad and many many more. Even though this tv show was a good 10 years before my time, I consider it one of my favourite shows. I recommend M*A*S*H to anyone with a pulse. I only wish there were more shows like this one.
  • Surgeons make the best of wartime conditions in a forward surgical unit during the Korean War.

    Mobile Army Surgical Hospital unit 4077 is on the front-lines of comedy, and always ready for action. MASH examines the tragic effects of war, and includes the deep, personal feelings of the characters as they spend time away from friends and family, amidst the unmitigating carnage of battle. However, the surgeons of the 4077 are lighthearted, and quick with a joke and a smile. Chief Surgeon Hawkeye Pierce is the Company clown, but always looks out for his patients' best interest, as does his sidekick, B.J. Honeycutt. Hawkeye is a ladies' man, and can always be found loitering around the nurses' tent. Head Nurse Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan, the company hottie, openly despises Hawkeye for his seeming lack of professionalism. The 4077 is commanded by Col. Potter, a fatherly figure who reminisces about his days in the "Great War." (The earlier episodes feature Lt. Col. Blake, who would always "rather be fishing.") Even the periphery characters get involved, and each is endearing despite their oddities. (Cross-dressing Klinger, quiet Radar, intellectual Winchester...) So land your bird in front of the TV, and give MASH a look.

    M*A*S*H is like the best freakin' show ever next to Naruto. Hawkeye is my favorite, and before Trapper got discharged and before Henry died, Trapper and Henry were my 2nd and 3rd favs respectivley. Then after they left, Klinger took 2nd, and then BJ. I hated Hot Lips and Frank at the beginning of the series, and I still don't like Frank much, but I like Hot Lips better after she dumped Frank for Donald. I've always wanted Hawkeye and Hot Lips to get togther though. I haven't seen any eps with Charles it them, seeing as I just started watching it about 2 months ago. My dad likes to quote Frank and his lame expressions, such as, "Hard cheese!" or "You phony balognies!"
  • Hawkeye was a comedy geneous with wisedom, character, and a undying erge browse the nurses.Klinger or Radar, Magaret Houlihan or Nurse Able, father Mulcahey or Doctor Freidman, BJ or Trapper, Potter or Henry Blake, Winchester or Burns. All made Mash, Mash

    The show that made you forget everything for a little while. Happiness abound with some sadness sprinkled in. Always the butt of Hawkeye's jokes, Frank Burns always tried to get even by pulling rank and threatening to put Hawkeye on report. Trapper the jokester himeself was a perfect match for Hawkeys pranks and helped pull of some of the funniest gags ever seen on television. Potter always kept the troups in line until he occassion had one two many to drink and that gin that was being made in the swamp. Frank was a little self absorbed and slightly crazy, but he alway adored Magaret Houlihan even when she was yelling at him for something stupid he had done like mentioning his wife when they were alone in her tent. Radar was the youngest but kept everything going and shy when aroung the nurses, but just wantde to be liked by the officers like Hawkeye and Trapper and BJ. Klinger was the one that dressed like a women. He was funny and trying to get a section 8. He would do anything to get out of the army. The show was marvelous and I saw every episode and never stop watching. Love the show and never will stop watching. The best show ever made. Alan alda will always be remembered as Benjamin Franklin Pearce or better yet, "Hawkeye". All must end but it was so sad to see the show end in 1983. They had a great run. The best.
  • M*A*S*H* was a little before my time, but I enjoy watching it. It is one of my, if not, all time favorite TV show.

    I really enjoy watching M*A*S*H*. It was really neat to see Hawkeye Pierce and Margaret Houlihan grow in knowlge and humor. I think that Major Margaret Houlihan is my favorite person on the show. She reminds me so much of myself. Then my next favorite is Hawkeye. I was really sad when Frank and Radar left the show. But I don't know how they could have had Frank stay anylonger anless they changed him. I cried in the one where Henry died and when Radar left. I've seen the one were Radar left so many times and every time I cry when Hawkeye salutes to Radar. I even cried though the last eposode.
  • Loved the main characters all of them, it is hard to make any one truely stand out. At many times I felt I knew someone who reminded me of them.

    This show is a true classic, it reminded me of many events in my life and how I dealt with them, it really helped me cope with many situations that life has thrown at me. Having served in the military I could see the extrovert humour and saddness in the whole series. I never get tired of watching the reruns. two of my favs are when radar goes home and when Henry Blake dies going home. I still cry when I see these.
  • m*a*s*h*

    Mash is a show about the medical team who is working behind the scenes during the korean war. the charecters include hawkeye , radar , klinger ,and charles wincester who was once called chauncey ambercrombie. this is a very funny show and has been enjoyed for ages. all the members of my family enjoy this show and it all ways has me laughing like crazy. there are always funny gags and silly pranks involved in episode which make it even funnier. this show is a classic and will never be out of style. this has been a coolchris44 review. M*A*S*H* rocks!
  • Brought about a real change in the way people viewed sitcoms of the era, as well as being the first satirical war comedy! MASH set the standard, and changed the way we think about life, war, comedy, etc....

    A subject as close to the heart and as controversial as the Korean war ( or any foreign war, for that matter) seems that it should never be the base for a sitcom, right? Not in the minds of the creators of MASH. The show let us have a way to look at the ironies of war, while never disrespecting the effort of those who actually fought and died there. The dry humor associated with every day life while in the midst of a war opened viewers eyes to the prospect that, though the MASH doctors believed in what they were doing, they maintained the skepticism about what the point of the whole thing was. Maybe watching the show today could help us gain a little perspective on our present attitudes. An absolutely genious comedy/drama/historical fiction.
  • it's before my time but it's too funny to miss out on.

    the show was great and super hilarious and the actors were great and funny with a few sad moments here and there but no show has never been about doctors and surgeons helping soldiers in the korean war set in the 50s but the show was canceled for one reason and alan alda explained in the 30 year reunion he said the show was canceled because they wanted and decided to end the show while they were on top instead of slowly going down hill and then forced to be canceled and I agree. the show was great and it made it self great.
  • MASH has been a classic on TV after having been a filf since day one. But I wonder as others do about the opening credits:why is there that edit of an ambulance pulling in with scratched,discoloured stock?

    I have always loved M*A*SH the film and the tv series. But one thing that continues to beguile me is the opening credit sequence. apperantly over the many years few people have either noticed the quirk or,like me have chosen to not ask about it. The first edit after the main credits has an ambulance arriving at the MASH 4077. This edit is clearly from a different batch of film.It is dirty it is scratched and yet this edit remained in the opening credits the entire run of the show. Why was it there and why did it remain there? Someone must know.It frankly, reminds me of the "Rosebud" dilemma from Citizen Kane.
  • Now which surgeon would be the best lover? I did a dichotamus analysis between the best: Hawkeye and Winchester. 4 to 3, Hawkeye beats Winchester. Winchester I believe would be ideal, but Hawkeye would be less serious. Who you fall for depends on you.

    Winchester would not let the fire of love breathe; we'd be consumed with eachother, distant from our friends, not sharing our love. It would be such a strong & beautiful relationship, but being with Hawkeye would mean being in bliss but with room to breathe and be with our friends too. Imagine being at the mess hall and not hanging with the gang of the 4077. Both gentlemen would be great partners; providing their half of what a relationship needs: fun, passion, learning, support, responsibility, and pleasure. However who you love can only be determined by you(girl or boy).
  • Only the best ever

    Without a doubt, MASH was the BEST show on TV. I give it a 10,,,,only because the scale does not go any higher..The cast was great, and when one cast member left his replacement was just as good if not better..I don\'t really like to tell many people this but the finale show made me cry....MASH wil be,,,opps,,is,, a classic
  • Benjamin Frankiln Pierce, or Hawkeye is a sergon in a *Mobile *Army *Surgical *Hospital during the Korean War. Him and his buddies in army drab have to suffer an insufferable war and do thier best at what thier best at. helping others, and themselves.

    There are four major characters that leave the later on in the show, Radar, Blake, Frank, and Trapper. The are replaced by Clinger (already in cast), Potter (plays general Steel in previous episode), Charles, and BJ. This I didn't like but it allows for a nice change in cast, and i liked some of the new characters. And my favorite episode involved one of the new characters... (the christmas episode with Charles giving charity)
    This show has everything... Drama, romance, action, comedy, etc...
    I highly recomend this show to anyone that appreciates comedy, or that philosophical point of view on "war is hell"
  • Probably the greatest show ever.

    If only one show were allowed to exist in this world, it should be M*A*S*H. It is brilliant, even after being watched fifty times over. It\'s wonderful mix of fall-down-laughing comedy and provocative, poignant drama is extremely effective and unmatched by any other show.
    The characters are highly original as well. Each one has a lot of depth and, while very colorful and unique, is still believable. Every role was perfectly cast and the actors had a wonderful chemistry.
    The way these people were thrown into their tough, sanity-snatching situations was captured superbly by the incredible writers, and direction, which was often done by the cast, was obviously excellent.
    I try to describe M*A*S*H, and the only word that seems to fit is \"awesome.\" It is. I recommend this show to everyone.
  • The best tv show ever made.

    M*A*S*H with its funnie sketches set the standart of what a comic is abaut. it show the life in the middel of a war, with a little humor to spice it up, he severity of the war and how people who was in the middle of it delt with it. Field hospitals was reasonably new at that time, i dont remember if the korean war was the first time they where being used, but that dosent matter anyway. it is filled with diffrent role characteristic, different personalities. the humor of the show is simply the best, as good as it ever gets.
  • definitely a how ahead of its time. man people don\'t realize it

    a lot of people dont know the underlying reason for the show M*A*S*H. yes it was a comedy and very funny, if you didnt think it was funny you probably just are not used to dry humor. anyways, this show wasnt about comedy, it was about what was really happening during the time it was shot. it brought people to attention that not everything is good. when you look back in the past, you see a lot of articles during wars with high spirits in it. there is one episode in mash where they reveal that sense of protectiveness as if the u.s. wouldnt have a war on its homefront. we as a nation are lucky for that, but most countries have to do deal with war right there in front of their face and its not something to take lightly. the next time you watch an episode of mash, remember that and think of what was going on in the war and what was going through all the personnels minds everyday. there are numerous episodes throughout the series where the characters explain what they do everyday to try to make their life in korea a little more sane and not think about all the things that they go through, and everyone does that at some point in their life. just remember what the show is really about and not go for the superficial homr that comes to the surface
  • I loved Mash... well the original cast

    i love seasons one and two of Mash. they are my faveourite out of all of them. that's becasue it has the original cast. i loved the dynamic that all the actors had with each other especially Hawkeye and Trapper, and Radar and Henry. it was these comical realtionships that made the show for me. i also loved it when Hawkeye and Trapper would prank frank burns and Hot Lips. i think the show is a classic. it was truely funny and i think that people should still watchi it today because the war stuff is still going on and comedy will never go out of style.
  • I know, some people think this is the greatest show of all time, highest rated finale in history, etc.

    but, let's look at MASH objectively. It was a comedy about the Korean War, in a triage unit. Now, don't get me wrong, there were some funny moments-anything involving Klinger in drag, Radar messing up a transmission or another and the Kernel reacting to that. Other than that-I saw not much humor in the show. Hot Lips was mildly interesting, Alan Alda and his sidekick were OK, but whenever they had to interract with the natives, it seemed a little fake. The show was just ok, not the smash sensation that people will jot in down in history as. Funny is funny, but dull can't transcend time-and in this case, the humor has been impeded by the dust on this old 'classic'; dust which can't be blown off.

    **the greatest legacy that MASH created was the board game - Mansion-Apartment-Shack-House
  • Love this show

    I truly loved this show. I was sadden when it finally went off. I still watch the reruns, especially of the ones with Hawkeye and Trapper on them. They were my favorite. I like them because they were funny and compassiate. My favorite eppi was when Hawkeye ordered ribs from the States. When Trapper left I was not happy about that, but I continued to watch the show. I liked Rader too. He was so funny with the animals and his teddy bear. Hot lips and Frank made me laugh and made me anger too. They ALWAYS got what was coming to them. Out of the commanders, I liked Henry the best.
  • Boy was I wrong about this show.

    I had always thought this was the most dumbest show ever. I had also thoght a show about the army would not be worth watching. When I finally watched an episode with my mom I was proven wrong. I guess it goes to show you don't judge a show by the opening, because that is what I did until I sat down and watched an episode. I can't remember the episode title, but it was the one with John Ritter in it. ABC was showing back to back episodes in a mini marathon. I loved how Hawkeye was also joking around. All in all this is a good show to watch.
  • One of the best shows I've ever seen! Alan Alda is a god when it comes to acting!

    Even though this show was before my time, I still enjoy watching it. It is a wonderfull show about the Korean War focusing on a MASH unite with a high survival rate. This show has many good influnces as well as some bad ones. The main star of the show during all 11 seasons is Hawkeye Pierce (Alan Alda). He was the one that wanted to get home the most, the biggest drinker, the most immature, and the most womanizing man there. But he very compassionate, loving, funny, and a superb surgeon. There are many friendships coming and going, people dying, and hearts crushed. All togather it's a fabulous show and a good explaination of what a MASH unit during the war is really like.
  • A great show to watch late at night I watch every night at 12:00 great show on every night classic show.

    A great show on every night so if you want to watch it you can. It made like 10 seasons so you know it was popular. And it was on a real subject (the war). Has sop much comedy with the main charactors. Hawke the main charactor was so funny i love him and BJ just makes the show complete. And of course clinger just made the show a great show he was the funniest and kept doing funny things every episode. I think it was probably the best show of its time. And maybe one of the best shows ever.
  • still one of my all time favs

    For many years,MASH was my all time favorite sit-com,until The Simpsons came along,of course.But it still has a special place in my heart,and with the release of most of the best seasons on DVD,I can revisit the show from a fresh perspective.I never realized how much old TV series were edited until I had a chance to see MASH on DVD.It is like looking at the show for the first time,plus you can remove the laugh track,which I always thought was an insult to the viewer anyway.The show was beautifully written,and the actors were so good together.I still think the first 3 seasons are the funniest.McLean Stevenson really was a brillant comic actor,and its always a pleasure to see his work.But the way the show combined humor with drama was unparelled in the history of sit-coms.It was based on the brillant Robert Altman movie,and the early episodes seemed to be more influenced by the film.But they quickly found,ditching useless characters from the film.(Spearchucker Jones was only in the movie as a ringer for the football game,but in the series pilot,he is a surgeon like Hawkeye and Trapper,and takes part in some of their misadventures)I think the addition of Klinger,the dress wearing Corporal,is what really defined the series in comparision to the movie.Of course,as the series went on,with Stevenson and Wayne Rogers leaving the series,but it seemed to fit in with the idea of people going back to home so it worked.Other characters evolved and changed,and the show became increasingly serious.To say the series went on too long,is by now a given.How much can you say about a war that only lasted 2 years.After Radar left,it lost something.They tried to keep finding new interesting ways to tell the story,but they should have quit 3 years before they did.And the much acclaimed and hyped final episode is too long,though it does have its moments,and defines what is wrong with final episodes.Still I loved the show at its peak,and I hope I can get seasons 4-8 on DVD soon,because the truncated TV versions are no longer acceptable.Abbysinia,Henry
  • Even though I was a child when this was broadcast, it kept me interested and helped provide me with an insight into war without glorifying it.

    I didn't see the earlier years as they were broadcast (but did see them in syndication), but the show as a whole was evenly excellent. Although a comedy, some serious sides were shown to humanity, war and the characters.

    I do not know the episode names and it would take a long time to read through them all to find the ones that stick out so I'll just name a few through descriptions that I recall.

    When Hawkeye had a mental breakdown and block after a traumatic event had me riveted from beginning to end. When they Henry Blake's plane went down as he headed home my heart broke. When Klinger's character helped a local family my heart grew. When Margaret had to face the end of her marriage I realized reality overpowers romance. When they got a horse for Colonel Potter I was moved.

    Was there anything I didn't like - yeah the realistic portrayal of infidelity in the military. As a young person it was pretty disheartening to see this even though I realize it was realistic.
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