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  • still one of my all time favs

    For many years,MASH was my all time favorite sit-com,until The Simpsons came along,of course.But it still has a special place in my heart,and with the release of most of the best seasons on DVD,I can revisit the show from a fresh perspective.I never realized how much old TV series were edited until I had a chance to see MASH on DVD.It is like looking at the show for the first time,plus you can remove the laugh track,which I always thought was an insult to the viewer anyway.The show was beautifully written,and the actors were so good together.I still think the first 3 seasons are the funniest.McLean Stevenson really was a brillant comic actor,and its always a pleasure to see his work.But the way the show combined humor with drama was unparelled in the history of sit-coms.It was based on the brillant Robert Altman movie,and the early episodes seemed to be more influenced by the film.But they quickly found,ditching useless characters from the film.(Spearchucker Jones was only in the movie as a ringer for the football game,but in the series pilot,he is a surgeon like Hawkeye and Trapper,and takes part in some of their misadventures)I think the addition of Klinger,the dress wearing Corporal,is what really defined the series in comparision to the movie.Of course,as the series went on,with Stevenson and Wayne Rogers leaving the series,but it seemed to fit in with the idea of people going back to home so it worked.Other characters evolved and changed,and the show became increasingly serious.To say the series went on too long,is by now a given.How much can you say about a war that only lasted 2 years.After Radar left,it lost something.They tried to keep finding new interesting ways to tell the story,but they should have quit 3 years before they did.And the much acclaimed and hyped final episode is too long,though it does have its moments,and defines what is wrong with final episodes.Still I loved the show at its peak,and I hope I can get seasons 4-8 on DVD soon,because the truncated TV versions are no longer acceptable.Abbysinia,Henry
  • Even though I was a child when this was broadcast, it kept me interested and helped provide me with an insight into war without glorifying it.

    I didn't see the earlier years as they were broadcast (but did see them in syndication), but the show as a whole was evenly excellent. Although a comedy, some serious sides were shown to humanity, war and the characters.

    I do not know the episode names and it would take a long time to read through them all to find the ones that stick out so I'll just name a few through descriptions that I recall.

    When Hawkeye had a mental breakdown and block after a traumatic event had me riveted from beginning to end. When they Henry Blake's plane went down as he headed home my heart broke. When Klinger's character helped a local family my heart grew. When Margaret had to face the end of her marriage I realized reality overpowers romance. When they got a horse for Colonel Potter I was moved.

    Was there anything I didn't like - yeah the realistic portrayal of infidelity in the military. As a young person it was pretty disheartening to see this even though I realize it was realistic.
  • This show is about people that are helping while the war is going on, and we see how they are living, and this show also contains funny material that will certanly make you laugh your head out!

    There is no show that I have ever seen, that is as good or as funny as M*A*S*H, some people may say that it looks boring, but truly, they are wrong because that show is really funny and unforgettable. I mean, I gave it a 10, and I am a tough crowd for most shows. I really would like to reccommend that to anyone that likes humorous shows, a bit historic and gives facts too. Can that show be any better, or what????????????? OF COURSE NOT!! If you don't think that this show is the best, where do you come form????
  • HE is worried that prinsiple Hyde will not want her to be the School Captain

    HE is worried that prinsiple Hyde will not want her to be the School Captain. Seb tries to support her and tells her there is nothing Hyde can do about it anyway as long as she gets enough votes, because that only means everyone want her to be the School Captain. They tells him and Seb that she has lost the baby.
  • The show is about Army doctors and Nurses operating on wounds fighting in Korea War.

    This Show is great. The show makes me laugh and I enjoy it. The Characters were great and the Actors/Actoress did good job. I saw the show long time ago with my Dad and we still watch it. Umm.. I think my favorite Character would be Hawkeye He\'s funny at times haha.
  • Wonderful show for all!

    I started watching this just because it came on when I was getting ready for bed and it was semi-interesting. I started enjoying it more and more and now I look forward to it each night. It really is a great spirit-lifter and is laugh out loud funny. I think it is a wonderful show for all ages and all can relate to the comedy at some level. Although this show is older, it's a classic and I will recommend it to anyone who asks what some of my favorite shows are. This is one of the best shows I have ever seen and has a way of making you love it.
  • There are shows one watches to pass the time and then there is MASH.

    MASH was probably the best written show in the history of television, certainly in sitcoms. Most shows fail to deliver the humor in their first season let alone 11. Growing the characters up and not letting them stagnate was part of that success. Despite losing key characters, the show hardly skipped a beat. Only Alan Alda leaving might have brought it to a halt. Thankfully that never happened. The backdrop is the Korean War, but the humor is everyday life. This is why it holds up so well 23 years since its farewell performance. Thanks.
  • I really think that MASH is one of the all time classic sitcoms that ever aired. I like it so much that I have many seasons of MASH on DVD. The people on that show were very good. MASH is a one of a kind TV series. get MASH DVD's

    I really think that MASH is one of the all time classic sitcoms that ever aired. I like it so much that I have many seasons of MASH on DVD. The people on that show were very good. MASH is a one of a kind TV series. get MASH DVD's I really think that MASH is one of the all time classic sitcoms that ever aired. I like it so much that I have many seasons of MASH on DVD. The people on that show were very good. MASH is a one of a kind TV series. get MASH DVD's
  • I started watching this before I ever saw the movie MASH.

    I can remember my mother telling me, "The show is much better than the movie, much funnier." I agreed with her for many years until I finally saw the Robert Altman film (which is fantastic, but saved for another review). This show for me was one that defined my generation. It was on during my formative years, one that I watched weekly at first, and eventually twice a night on weeknights. The cast, even though it changed significantly over the 11 seasons was always very well balanced and the writing consistently good. The beginning of the series seemed a little zanier and madcap, and the end of the series (around the time Alan Alda started producing/writing/directing episodes in earnest) found the members of the 4077th as more of a cohesive group who liked being around each other. I have been collecting the DVDs as they come out, and watch a few a week, which reminds me of the old days. Arguably one of the best comedies on T.V. I love it!
  • Absolutely the best television show (sit-com or otherwise) ever developed and aired.

    There are very few shows that can take a politically sensitive subject; like war, the Viatnam war to be precise; and deliver such powerful messages. There is only one that did it year after year; MASH.

    There has never been another television show that you can laugh, cry, get angered, and be thankful all in a half hour. This show was one of a kind; it wasn't ahead of it's time, it wasn't ground breaking, it was simply MASH.

    Had the Smothers Brothers had Alan Alda as their writter; they would have lasted a decade. He is simply the best well rounded actor to ever have worked a sit-com.
  • A comedy about a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean Conflict.

    War doesn't seem like a good place for a comedy setting. However, it works here and has worked before and after. Drama is mixed in as needed to try and keep everyone aware of what was really going on.

    The show had a lot of great actors. However, in my opinion, the show took a big hit when
    McLean Stevenson (Lt. Colonel Henry Braymore Blake) left for his own series. Harry Morgan filled his spot as Colonel Sherman T. Potter. He was good ... but it just wasn't the same. That same season Wayne Rogers (Captain John Francis Xavier "Trapper" McIntyre) left the show as well. Mike Farrell took his spot as was nowhere near as good. A couple of season later Larry Linville left the show and thing really started to go downhill. Alan Alda was the only link in the chain that kept the show in tact for eleven seasons.
  • Great Show. I watch everyday.

    This show never gets old. It is a television classic. My wife and I both loved this show well before we ever met. Now we watch it everyday and recently with our daughter so it is a family affair. With parents to explain the meanings behind the language and the off beat and off color humor, it can be a useful learning tool while not being at all boring. I wish I could find the episode of After Mash and buy them or record them. I feel like I am missing an important part of a classic, unforgettable television experience.
  • The definition of an ensemble cast.

    An amazing show. Great writing. Great acting. Great shooting. It is classified as a comedy but this show was so much more than just mere comedy. When funny this show was seriously funny. When dramatic it was incredibly dramatic, bringing tears to the viewer's eye. This show survived several cast changes and a complete change in social atmosphere. Early seasons dealt more with the Vietnam issues (even though set during the Korean War) while later seasons dealt more with social issues. It is entirely impossible to choose a favorite episode or character, a credit to all those involved in this show.
  • There was a time when I hated this show...

    When I was younger I would either change the channel or leave the room whenever M*A*S*H came on. I think I hated it because I didn't understand it. Then one day I actually sat through an episode with my brother and I was laughing my head off. But the wonderful thing about M*A*S*H is that amidst all the laughter there was always an underlying moral, a true fable for our day and age that was never hard to grasp and always poignant. Thank goodness for the antics of the 4077th.
  • one of the all time best

    I love this show I have seen the episodes so many times and they never get old.. as a child i missed some of the meaning behind theplots now as a adult, it is even better, best writing at the time.. still in the top few excellent acting.. the entire cast was great.. there will never be another MASH
  • The best!

    I really didn't enjoy this show until after I joined the Army. My parnets used to watch it when I was little but I didn't get into it until I was in the Army myself. I thin realized just how great a show it really was. I would relate to the characters and the rules and regulations of the military. The stupid things that had to be done just to keep you busy.
  • Surviving the army during war 101

    MASH is the story of of the MASH(Mobil Army Surgical Hospital)4077. THis takes place during the korean War. Mostly humorous but some times serious. It is one of the best TV shows of all time.Running from 1972 to 1983, and eleven seasons. Tho through many charecter changes. There is also a movie and a book.
  • one of the few "best"!

    any dramady (drama comedy) out now owes its props to MASH. cleaver acting, writting, and directing, without every repeating itself are the true reason why its one of the best! a classic example is the episode "POV" in which the entire episode is shown thru the eyes of a wounded soldier. while the first few season may have been seen as a comedy, it truelly didnt hit its stride until 4th season. whith a run longer than the actual korean war, MASH can be seen by generations as a true television classic.
    pick up the dvd seasons and catch all the unedited versions.
  • "i think M.A.S.H was a-okay"

    If M.A.S.H was'nt on basic Cable, life would have sucked for me. My dad used to watch it when ever it was on. I rember seeing all through my life on T.V. it was'nt bad to watch when i was bord of other basic cable channels i say this is a 10 for classic!.
  • good rewiew of the american society during the seventies and early eighties.

    First: You get familiar with the caracters and their develpment over the years. Second: I´ts intresting to se hove the focus of the serie changes with the changes of the society over the years. Third its interesting to se the development of MASH due to different writers and directors. Last after some twenty episodes Allan Alda now is a "member" of our family.
  • Before my time but sooo funny.

    This show is something my dad and I watched everySaturday a few years ago and now we own the DVD sets. The show is so funny, even to me as a teenager. The show was so orginal for its time and added in some comic relief into peoples daily life. Alan Alda was spectacular in the show.
  • One of the All time Greatest

    M*A*S*H was a show that had many funny moments, but it never ignored the fact that there was a war going on so we were given the right amount of drama too.

    The writing was consistently brilliant, with there being a wide range of stories and jokes told. The characters were all wonderful iin their own way from The uptight Frank Burns to the bizzare Max Klinger who just wanted to get out of the army.

    It hard to find a show that I can compare to it. It is incredibly original.

    Amazingly this show lasted 11 years, while the Korean war itself lasted only 2.
  • Best Show Ever!

    No show competes with this show.
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  • the best show ever!!!

    i love this show. every episode hawk guy or bj will make you laugh. even somtimes both of them work togeth and make me laugh. the pranks everybody they pull can be the funniest jokes in the book. larry linville "frank" plays such an idiot. he is defidently a ferret face. margrate has such a high temper its not funny. this show is great even though it really didnt show what it was like in the koren war.
  • Classic war humor

    MASH the series, even though fashioned from the MOVIE, both were really born from the Hilarious Classic about the insanities of military intellegence in time of war, CATCH 22.

    Many watchers were no doubt former military or spouses and children of those who served.

    The ensemble which carried this series into our homes every week were superb. Both Mike and Alan were so committed to the Acting arts would practice their scenes even after the scene was "in the can."

    Simply wonderful and a humorous relief from the horrors of battle fatigue and death.
  • Absolutely Fantastic, and has set the bar for every comedy since

    Who would have thought that a small, paperback novel could have led to all this.

    A movie that broke all records including using the "F" word for the first time in a film

    A series that ran for a record 11 years

    Characters loved by millions all over the world

    MASH is a classic, and i believe it will be loved by generations to come. many of the jokes and ideals still hold today, and are just as funny. We may not get all the celebrity references, but we get the gist of it.

    Fave MASH Quote: "I will not carry a gun, Frank. When I got thrown into this war I had a clear understanding with the Pentagon: no guns. I'll carry your books, I'll carry a torch, I'll carry a tune, I'll carry on, carry over, carry forward, Cary Grant, cash and carry, carry me back to Old Virginia, I'll even 'hari-kari' if you show me how, but I will not carry a gun!"

    Hawkeye Pierce in "Officer of the Day"
  • I loved M*A*S*H. I have been watching it since it first started. I liked Hot Lips played by Loretta Swit because she is one of my favorite characters in the show.

    M*A*S*H was a true ensemble series. Whilst characters such as Kellye, Igor, Rizzo, Goldman and Ginger are listed where they appear as specific characters central to the plot, they also appeared regularly as non-speaking cast members. This is also true of many of the nurses, corpsmen, orderlies and drivers listed as guest stars.

    For years the main characters have remained in the story. Others came and went sometimes for short periods and sometimes for many episodes.

    They helped to make the story more exciting.
    Some of the main chracters were Hawkeye, Hot Lips, Klinger, Father John and Henry.

    Each episode was a story on its own but it formed part of the whole story.
  • Wicked Old School

    It may have been before my time but the reruns make it almost like its still new. Theres always an episode on that you never realised you hadn't seen. Always a laugh but always a message too! Definitely one not to miss but I still dont think I have ever seen the very first episode!
  • More people need to appreciate a show this great!

    I recently watched the MASH DVD's from seasons 1 to 6 and I was blown away by the raw emotion and humour. Hawkeye is easily my favourite character as well as Trapper who I was sad to see go. However BJ is a great addition to the show as well. MASH is underappreciated by many people and is one of the few shows that will last forever in the hearts and minds of everyone.
  • Mash 4077

    This is one of the best tv shows in history, I have all the seasons and I love the show its like a dream. the best show untill Lost can around. I just can't get anough of the Mash 4077 unit. I love them all my favorite is Radar.

    Could you please bring it back maybe the newer generation will love it or hate it.

    The only bad thing about the show was one episode where a reporter does a interview about the Mash 4077 and thats the whole episode I don't really like that episode. It made me no want to watch Mash and well its thats going to happens I know that I was very sick or just fell asleep. Either way I love the show and PLEASE bring it back.
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