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  • Operated on all our hearts and funny bones!!

    Still watch everyday and the marathon on Saturdays!!! I can't tell you how many times I have seen each episode but keep on watching!! Sad of all the ones that passed but it also doesn't seem like it's been as long as it has since the filming of each episode!!!
  • Simply the Best!

    M*A*S*H is certainly the greatest TV series of all time. The show's humor, drama, compassion and audacity is unmatched by any other single series in television history. MASH was also very far ahead of its time in dealing with real life issues such as racism, sexual harassment, war crimes and medical ethics.

    MASH tackled many of these awkward subjects before it was "cool" to do so.
  • Undeniably one of the Best!!!

    Undeniably, "MASH" is the most GENUINE show ever produced. The script is unimaginable, and therefore the plots are applied relevantly to our culture, this show really represented the every person's different life. With deep drama, and sensible comedy, this show takes the viewers through the struggles and happiness of life. The collaboration between the whole casts is superb. I also love the concept of the fight against war. I bought a nice boxset at DVDBOOTH .COM which really provided me good quality DVDs. Among all the TV series created, MASH is definitely ranked as one of the highest rated TV show in the history.
  • M*A*S*H is definetly my favorite.

    I've been watching mash on a local TV station called MeTv, on channel 4.2. Anyways love the show always have time for mash (sometimes). Even though it is out of my generation I still watch it. Oh and by the way it is on local tv at 6:00-7:00
  • When the new generation says "MASH what is that ?! " it will be a sad time for me .

    This show made my childhood , Its a glorious show with awesome acting , A truly marvelous classic that i would force my kids to watch when they come to me about "plastic girl tv shows"
  • One of My All Time Favorite Shows

    MASH was always fun to watch. My favorite actors in this show was Alan Alda and Harry Morgan.

  • amazing

    i wont say this show changed my life but it has given me a whole new persective on life " tell me does God answer all prayers?" "yes but some times the answer is no." who came up with that line it was great but it made you cry sometimes to like in aybsinnia henry
  • Absolutely hilarious! Witty! Just Good!

    Absolutely hilarious! Witty! Just Good! Those are just some words that could be used to describe M*A*S*H. What makes M*A*S*H a truly good is the chemistry between the actors. Henry Blake's goof-off command style is diametrically opposed to Frank Burns' and Margaret "Hotlips" Houlihan's strict military personalities that they thy to enforce on everyone else. When I need some comic relief, I turn on a classic episode of M*A*S*H.
  • The Korean Conflict, Police Action, or just plain old War was a glorified war with motion pictures like ToraTora and Patton but what happened with the humanity of the war. M*A*S*H, Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, tells the exploits of a surgical team as t

    Amazing, special, hilarious, timeless, and innovative all describe the hilarious outtakes of the M*A*S*H 4077th team explores the sexual, social, professional, and personal antics of a mismatched crew of surgeons, nurses, and general army personnel. The Korean War lasted 3 years but the series M*A*S*H lasted much longer. This critically acclaimed series is far under appreciated at its current time for its comic genius.

    Alan Alda is the key character known as Benjamin "Hawkeye" Pierce. His exploits are humorous and his antidotes are thought provoking. Many people enjoyed the series for its innovative humor but the moral lessons learned through the series are timeless as well. M*A*S*H earned the credit that the series deserved in its fourth season with the astonishing death of the dear leader Henry Blake. M*A*S*H skyrocketed up to the number one spot.

    The series ended several years later with a final episode that obtained the record of most watched episode of a television series ever. The fame of M*A*S*H had reached a peak right as it ended.

    Currently the DVD version of the show is being released as Seasons 1 through 8 are now available for purchase. These sets give a timeless show a new birth as its daytime rerun spot was removed from the FX lineup. M*A*S*H has a loyal following such as I but not many people realize that the humor, wit, morals, and drama leave something for each person to enjoy. M*A*S*H is a timeless masterpiece that inspired a generation of television.
  • The antics and emotions of a single Mobile Army Surgical Hospital called the 4077th. The audience recieves an extremely personal glance at doctors, service men, and nurses as they adapt to a tragic war. Beautifully simple, fun, yet bittersweet.

    (Spoilers Within)
    M*A*S*H is quite simply the greatest TV show ever created. It is elegantly simple in its premise:doctors, nurses, corpsman, clerks, and the victims of the war escape the tragedy around them through acts of borderline to over-the-line lunacy. The show is held together through the complex parrallel narratives (most often two stories, one dramatic and one comedic) and the chemistry developed between the characters. From the extreme highs of watching Trapper and Hawkeye "box" Frank Burns to the absolute bitterness of Henry's tragic death. This show succesfully managed to juggle the comedy and the dramatic elements of the story into a powerful juggernaut of emotion. Throughout the 11 years of this precious series the show never loses its appeal. One does not realise how much of force this series became in a person's life until that final "Goodbye" slides into a view in the finale. It is so utterly painful since you know the journey is over but so poignant that you feel as if you were part of the 4077th, not just watching it.

    The one word to describe this series is simple to find: Perfect.
  • 3 years of war equils 11 years of hillarity!

    I'm not sure where the creators of this show got thier idea, or how they found the cast for it (i could probably find out if I watched the extras on the DVD's) but they are pure genius'. The show started off incredably strong and did nothing but improve. While most programs will have what I call a dead season this show was lucky enough to squeek by with only a few dead episodes. When Alan Alda began writing and producing the show made a dramatic turn and it did so in a good way. Oher than a few minor problems, the show went off without a hitch. (One problem being a character called Spear-chucker form season 1 episodes...there were no black surgons in the Korean Conflict) But those problems were solved as son as they were discovered. A regluar cast of character that will keep you in stitches longer than their patients. This show had one bennifit that many characters stuck around. Alan Alda, for instance, was in episode one and was also one of the last characters you saw in the final episode with only missing a few here and there for unknown reasons. Full of laughs and moving diologue this show is a must see for all!

    Dr. Sydny Freedman: Klinger I hope you get that Section 8, and the day you do there'll be an entire platoon of men in hoop skirts right behind you!

    Dead Season: A season in a television serries that doesn't quite live up to previous standards. The cause for such can be the introduction of new writers, directors or producers.

    Dead Episode: An episode of a television serries that isn't quite as entertaining as others.
  • A real gem

    This is a show that dramatically changed the landscape of television. It looks at the atrocities and hardships of war as well as the generosity of the human heart. It is truly a seriocomic television show, something that is rare. Based off of an award winning movie this show had more heart and more soul than any other that I've ever seen. I grew up watching it with my father and still watch it to this day. The fact that you can still watch it on tv for upwards of six hours 5 days a week between the different channels is proof positive that this show is a real winner. Following the lives of a M*A*S*H unit allows the show to focus not just on the horrors of war, though there is plenty of that, but also on the doctors and nurses who do real good. A political commentary on the Vietnam War (even though it took place during the Korean War), this show makes me both laugh out loud and cry, managing to make me do both with some episodes. There has never been another show like it. It had a truly profound impact on American tv and its social commentary is strong without being cheesey. In my opinion it is the best show on tv.
  • we meet the doctors of the 4077. hawkeye, trapper, bj, frank, hotlips, potter, rader, kinger, charles and blake.

    i remember when i was little my grandfather would let me watch this show. i didnt understand it then. but i know i liked it. when i become older i loved the way it was set. it was about war but they did it in a funny way as well. with a great cast and great story lines it was a hit. we are now in the year 2007 and the reruns are still as popular till this day. we got to see humour the horror and sadness of the day to day mash unit. this is still a classic show that never gets boring. we meet new charcters and said goodbuy to old one. mash is one show that will be around for a very long time.
  • A classic that made tv viewing an experience.

    M.A.S.H is a TV show that is serious and funny at the same time. "Can it be?" I hear you ask. Well, just have a look and see for yourself. Put together a team of wacky nurses and surgeons and top them off with a corporal that is one step ahead of his commanding officer and another corporal that dresses like a woman, trying to get out on a Section 8 'Psycho discharge', and you have yourself a recipe for chaos and laughs all in the one place. Radar O'Rielly can hear choppers while they are still a way off, which is just weird, and Captain Hawkeye and the Swamp residents operate a still with which they make their own martinis. Hawkeye and his sidekick BJ or Trapper are always picking on Frank Burns or Charles Winchester. They find any opportunity to pick on Frank Burns and Margaret 'Hot Lips' Houlihan. Hawkeye also helps support the local orphanage, 'Sister Theresa's orphanage'. He even uses his childhood imaginary friend as a real officer and forges some army documents to get the orphanage supplies and money. Apart from causing mischief and passing their time being hooligans and troublemakers, Hawkeye and BJ & Trapper are the best surgeons in the entire east asian theatre of operations. In fact, their performance in surgery has often impressed their superior officers so much that they are often pardoned for their rebelious behaviour and/or insubordination. As they put it in their own humorous way, "We Did It Again, Screwed Up In Reverse!"

    In summary I would rate the show 10/10 because I find it highly entertaining and a pleasure to sit and watch. I don't get bored watching the show and it is never dull.

    I thank the brave doctors and nurses on the front line down at the old M.A.S.H 4077. I salute them with my highest commendation and say, Thanks for the memories and the many years of brilliant entertainment.
  • What a great show it was, MASH! When I was a kid I udes to watch it with my older brother. Now, I'm extremaly happy that Polish TVP2 decided to rerun it.

    This is one of the shows you never get tired of, humour is great, yet sometimes dark,and the plot is smart and actors are extremally well cast. MASH was in TV way beyond my time (when it ended I was a toddler) and it sad to say, that no one do shows like that anymore. It seems that whenever i watch it again, I discover something new. Absolutely great instalement and I recoment everyone to watch it - surely they will find something they like. So find yourself a DVD with it, sit back, relax and I hope you will like it.
  • A group of surgeons, nurses and army men find comfort, laughs and lessons to learn in each other during the devastating Korean War. Very funny as well.

    I don't even know where to start. I began watching it quite a few years ago when my brother bought the sixth season. Not the right place to start I know, but I was hooked from the first episode. I fell in love with Hawkeye immediately - with his wit, his character development and his dedication to his job. B.J. was an incredible character as well. Frank has to be one of the funniest characters that I've ever watched on television and Henry Blake was entertaining and endearing. I'm not one who felt that the show died after it changed a few of its characters. I loved Charles almost as much as Frank and I probably liked Colonel Potter better than Henry. I was never a fan of Trapper so B.J was a welcome addition. Margaret never failed to annoy me during the earlier seasons, but I love where they took her character after Frank's departure and by the end she was a favourite. The smaller characters were always a riot as well. Radar was such a sweetie and I was sad to see him go. Klinger, in or out of a dress, was a character the likes of which we will never see again. I really appreciated Father Mulcahey's character as well. The storylines ranged from downright farcical to very moving. They never failed to make me laugh and cry and just smile at characters that I came to know so well.
  • Defenetly one of the best shows ever made.

    Defenetly one of the best shows ever made. It has the perfect mix of humour and seriousness. And has the ability to make you laugh, cry and think. The characters are easily lovable and develop throughout the series. I love the fact that they could pair pretty much anyone with Hawkeye and it would work. The story lines were heartfelt and honest and didn't hold anything back, they gave a point of view of war I think many people hadn't seen before. It didn't make fun of or mock the war but show the lighter side and the dark side of many horrible situations.
  • based back at the time of the korean war. a MASH unit deals with the stress of war and the number of casualties that go in for medical care and "meatball surgery"

    I love this show! i first watched it once with my dad when i had to stay home from school because i was sick. i recently started watching reruns after school and now i'm addicted. i cant believe this show went on for so long but i think that it was one of the first doctor show of the older days... the first good one anyway. its one of those shows with good comedy and character development, u dont see show with the same funnies any more. sure there is humour but nothing like the constant sarcasm and jokes that they have on M*A*S*H! its old time jokes that we dont get anymore :( and i love it soo much!!
  • A truly great show!

    Sure, it may have stopped filming while I was still in diapers, but M*A*S*H is still one of the best shows ever. Here's why:

    Great writing. Often hilarious, but not just about the laugh lines. Each character has his or her own distinctive voice, and the main characters (even most of the minor ones too) are fully rendered individuals.

    Great acting. The cast really brings the characters to life, not just delivering lines well but getting right the small details of expression and posture that make a scene truly convincing.

    Original setting. Who would have thought the Korean war would be a good setting for a comedy? But it works, and the show is ultimately more interesting for its peculiarities.
  • this "dramdy" chronicled the daily lives of a mobile army surgical hopital in war torn korea during the 1950's. side splitting laughs in a dreary setting.

    i used to watch mash with father since i was in diapers. it is still one of my all time favorite programs. the inventor of the "dramady"--drama and comedy show in one. the show is set in war torn south korea. "mash" is short for mobile army surgical hospital, the entire camp can be packed up and moved to an entirely different location within hours in order to avoid enemy attacks. soldiers die and sometimes doctors can't prevent that. amid all the seriousness, the antics of the personnel of mash 4077 are outrageous. the surgeons need to find an outlet for all of their bottled up emotions and they usually unleash hordes of practical jokes and witty comebacks on each other. the first 3 seasons are still my favorite, a lighter tone and trapper john is my favorite character. i have over the years developed and appreciation for later seasons. a bit more serious but amazing stories and writing. early on there were several major cast changes, but mash didn't miss a beat, staying on the air for 11 years. i was one of the millions of viewers who made the final episode the most watched tv episode of all time, a record that still hasn't been broken even after more than 25 years! thanks to reruns and dvd, i can still enjoy the antics of hawkeye, trapper, hunnicut, frank, charles, radar, henry, col potter, hot lips houlihan, klinger, father mulcahy and the rest of the 4077th. a true classic that will live on forever.
  • Ive said before I seldom give 10 to shows but this is the one show where we get close (treat it as 9.8 if you want).

    Il keep this short and sweet, the show can be divided up into two sections, seasons 1-3 and 4 - 11.

    The actors in both where amazing and their replacements at the start of season 4 where great (but very different in their own right). This show is a comedy filled with one liners that keep you laughing. Though it must be said this is a light hearted comedy, you watch this show to relax and sit, laugh and get gripped. Don't be expecting crude jokes or laughs, expect puns and witty play on words from all the characters, interlaced with practical jokes and hilarious antics.

    You can watch pretty much any show you want, most of the episodes are very stand alone, saying that watch them in order because there is still a great story line.

    The stand in characters are great, from Flag to Sidney to that Korean black market guy, just adding more humor to the mix. While the main actors are great with their constant banter between them and great laughs.

    It must be said the show slightly deteriorated in humor towards the end (10-11), still a great watch but I found myself not laughing as hard at times. However I could not recommend a season to you as each season has its golden episodes, from 5 a clock Charlie, to Henry's Desk one, to any and I mean any of the Sidney ones, to the Korean surrendering to Hawkeye and Honeycutt.

    I myself own the MASH box set and find if I am up for a laugh I will just choose a random disk, slot it in and sit back and enjoy, the true essence of light hearted comedy.

    A must watch, though do not be expecting the crude nature of Red Dwarf (though I love that show too), think more Friends, in a war zone where not everyone gets along.
  • The Doctors in mash uses crude humor to mask a serious pain, a great series about life and death in wartime.

    What can i say about mash? The series have one of the best balances between comedy and serious drama, it has a cast that fit's the series like glove fits a hand, and it has a solid writing from day one to the last episode. The only problem with the show is that you will have to say farwell to some of your favorit characters, and se them replaced with another one.

    Mash is a timeless series, it has a good point, that war isn't funny, even tho it's a comedy at heart, some nasty things happens for the characters.

    I would recommend mash to every one i know, it fits every one, old and young, boys and girls. You will find your own favorite in this series, and you will love him or her like you probably never done with a character before.
  • Sadly M*A*S*H was before my time, and loving it as I do, that makes it yet sadder, there is no series as meaningful and powerful in all of television, and I'm happy to say being a fan, better late than never.

    M*A*S*H is hard to truly explain, in essence it's about a group of people trying their best to deal with harsh circumstances, those circumstances being the messy conflict known as the Korean War. The people are doctors, nurses, holy men, sometimes even civilians, many soldiers, that are attempting life while saving live in a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, AKA, M*A*S*H.

    The characters are simply unforgettable, the ability to relay deep set emotions and thoughts without using words is probably one of the trademarks we've come to identify from M*A*S*H. There is much tragedy to be had in a M*A*S*H unit we quickly learn, surprisingly not just from the here and now, but also from abroad. Some may say M*A*S*H becomes preachy later in the series due to Alan Alda's influence, and while it is true that the Hawkeye character in particular skews away from the book, I believe this is all for the better.

    I'd like to give a very thorough review, though to be honest I can't say as though that would make sense, having seen(I can confidently state) every single episode, I know that it's great, and I don't feel a need to convince anyone else of that.

    In conclusion, M*A*S*H will never leave me, even if I got on the train far too late, and is, in my mind, the cornerstone of what American television can produce.
  • M*A*S*H is based on a book by Richard Hooker and the classic 1970 movie. Set during the Korean war, we follow the life of the 4077th staff as they try to get through the war on this foreign soil.

    Most people will say that M*A*S*H lost it's "prestige" when they started to introduce more dramatic elements (see the episode "Sometimes you hear the bullet") but I believe it got more powerful. It showed a darker side of the characters (especially Alan Alda's) and gave the show a warm human perspective.

    The characters had to deal with the fact that they're far from their families, that their job was fixing up young wounded kids and that it's going to be that way the next day. As the show progressed, we could "feel" that the characters realized more and more that they weren't going anywhere for a while.

    This show had everything, from begining to end. It is truly, in my humble opinion, the best peice of entertainment ever conceived.
  • Simply one of the best shows of all time. I can't recall a single bad episode, though the show was often experimental, playing with the television and narrative formats to create a wide variety of unique episodes. Many of these have never been replicate

    I keep watching reruns and continue to be surprised by the diversity of this show. From slapstick humour to stone cold comentary on the darkness of war. It was, in its way, more honest than any show before or since. Much of its appeal is due to the incredible cast. Some of the finest actors of their generation spent time on this show.

  • Way ahead of its time. One of the best dramadies ever created.

    Based on a 1968 novel by Richard Hooker, and a 1970 movie, this show is about people in an army hospital during the Korean War. These doctors had to face death day and night for 3 years, almost non-stop. On their free time, however, they tried to escape the madness of war by creating their own madness. Whether it was playing pranks on each other, finding different kinds of hobbies, drinking, or whatever was the case. They didn't act the way some people would expect officers in the U.S. army would act.

    This unique perspective on the war allowed for one of the most unique experiences that would ever come out of a 30 minute "comedy." As the series started, it wasn't always that unique to other shows, however. Many of the episodes in the first season seemed similar to the kind of thing that one could see on shows like Sergeant Bilko, or Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., except for with a few things that wouldn't be on either of those shows (more sexual references, or the operations). There were, however, a few episodes that showed the brilliance that the show would become, such as "Dear Dad," which had some amazing great visual humor, and even a touch of drama. The episode "Sometimes You Hear The Bullet" was yet another great example of where the series would be going in later seasons, bringing a much greater sense of drama within the series, which at the time was mainly a comedy series.

    It is within the second season that the series really picks up though, mainly because they had realized what they did right in the first season and what they did wrong. After that, they started doing a great mixture of comedy and drama, and playing around with the kinds of stories that they could do. And this is what MASH did best. It was never afraid to take risks and explore what it could get away with in terms of both its comedy and drama. It did an amazing job at playing with the mix between the two, and is in fact one of the earliest shows to do so to such a huge extent.

    Throughout the 11 years that it was on the air, it had a constant change of tone, going from mainly a comedy with some dramatic elements, to a much more heavy drama with some comedy (with the changes being subtle much of the time that you might not notice it until later in the series, but I've noticed that it does change pretty much every season). It also underwent many different cast changes throughout the series.

    Having a show on the air for 11 seasons, changing the tone so much that it is hard to argue that it didn't "jump the shark" (in the official meaning, becoming something it wasn't originally intended to be), and having many different cast changes throughout the series is usually a sign of something going wrong along the way. And in fact, this is something that some people have argued, and did so pretty fairly. However, in my opinion these things helped MASH much more than hurt it. Due to its changes in tone, and changes in cast, it allowed them to explore the war in numerous ways. They basically covered everything that was possible to explore within the war (wounded and casualties, all the different hobbies that the doctors could take up, the food that they ate, the Korean culture, the psychological effect of the war, developing the different characters, showing off the ineptitude of the army, and much more). In fact, it was allowed to do so much more that anybody could expect it to because it was not afraid to experiment with the stories it told. It truly went where no series had gone before, and no series would go again. For expamle, one episode dealt with a soldier who had not only forgotten who he was, but thought that he was Jesus Christ. Another episode delt with the question of what happened after a soldier died. What if he didn't want to let go, or didn't even realize that he was dead? Some of these stories that they came up with, I honestly never imagined I'd be seeing when I got into the series.

    As for the cast changes, they too were neccessary in order to keep the show staying fresh throughout the series. While I love Henry, Trapper (despite being under-used), Frank, and Radar, there was only so far that you could go with any one of them. Henry was a great comedic commander, but wouldn't have fit in with the more serious side of the series later on. Trapper, as I said, was under-used, but very likable. But again, he would have been out of place in the later seasons, especially if they had kept treating him the way they did in earlier seasons, although I think he'd fit the most if he had stayed. Frank was a good comedic character, but was too one-dimensional for the dramatic side that the later seasons took. Could anybody see Frank doing anything meaningful or worthy of a drama episode? If they had taken his character into a dramatic dirction, they would have changed his character too much, ruining what the character was. And Radar was great for the time he was on. But how long could have stayed the naive childish character that he was? He was already starting to change by the time he left. The replacement characters were more fit for the direction taken later on, being more flexible, and having more depth, so that they could do both comedy and drama with the characters whenever they wanted.

    Was the show perfect? No it wasn't. It had many problems throughout the series. Some of the jokes were repeated too often. Sometimes there were episodes that duplicated something that another episode did before it. Sometimes the comedy and drama could get really silly and cringe-worthy. But taken as a whole, the good things in the series FAR out way the bad things.

    Some people might believe that some seasons are worse than others, and some may even say that it should have ended a few seasons earlier, and I respect, and even understand their reasons for saying this. But for me, the fact that it lasted 11 seasons benefitted the series because it gave a full view on war, and its various aspects. I don't think it could have gone on any longer, but at the same time I wouldn't have had it go off even one season earlier. This series, even with the flaws listed above, is one of the best shows I've ever seen because of how far it had gone.
  • It has everything.

    This show will always remind me of my childhood. I remember staying up till 3am to watch this when it would run as the last show before the station shut down for the night.

    The best part about this show was that no matter what type of show you watched, drama, comedy, action, etc, this show had it. They had pranks played to blow off steam. They had fights. They had jeeps getting shot at.

    And the characters. The characters were brought to life in ways that I couldn't even begin to understand back then. You laughed with them, you cried with them.

    I almost had to stop watching the finale when I saw it because it became so emotionally charged.

    Watch this show if you haven't already, you'll be doing yourself a favor.

  • Ground Breaking

    M*A*S*H has always been a favorite of mine. Im a bit young to have watched it when it came on in the 70\'s but i\'ve always caught up with the adventures of Hawkeye and Hotlips in re-runs.

    M*A*S*H was ground breaking when it first hi the screens in the earley seventies and has remained popular to this day.

    And why not? Likable characters, interesting storylines and always the right balance of humour and drama to entertain.

    Its no wonder that this formulae made M*A*S*H one the most popular television shows of all time and its finale was the most watched ever. Evan to this day it remains unbeaten.

    M*A*S*H centered on a much glossed over war, the Korian conflict of the early fifties. Instead of going for much overdone WW II this ensured that there could be a fresh view on the sitcom. (not that a war sitcom had been done before)

    Characters cme and went but they always kept the same successfull formulae. You never felt like a stranger but more a part of an extended family. You liked no character more than another you just liked them for different reasons.
  • Wow! what a show. evolves from comedy to drama but still has "it" the whole time. Always considered one of the top shows of all-time

    This show starts out as an all out sitcom for 3 seasons with drama, the perfect mix of drama, and comedy. From the 4th season on, it became 50/50 comedy and drama, and grew more towards drama. The characters are incredible. Some of the best acting. I will own all the DVD season eventually. This show has a famous episode at the end of the 3rd season and the last one, which is the single most watched event in TV history. CLASSIC! MUST-SEE! Always considered one of the top shows of all-time.
  • The best comedy show I've ever seen.

    The idea of creating a serie which is situated in a war, where surgeons have to do many operations under the worst conditions and yet they don't lose their sense of humour, was brilliant. The elaboration was even better. Fantastic actors leaded by Alan Alda expressed joy, fear, sadness and sometimes madness :-) There aren't many series whose every episode made you think about life, about how are you happy that you have things they didn't (like freedom) but still the same episode made you pee your pants from laughing out loud ;-) I love their intelligent humour and the manner their present the primitive one.
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