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  • Auwful!

    This show is not funny nor interesting to me. It had an 11 year run. Because of this run I give it some credit.
    There is only so much laughter you can put in a show. Obviously this show had none, or else I didn't notice it.
    you can paraphrase this show in two words....not funny.
  • I know a lot of people like this, but I don't like it.

    I know a lot of people like this, but I don't like it. It is not even funny. I can't believe that my little cousin (17) has been watching this and buying the dvds. This is one of the worst shows I have ever seen. I don't know how it got past one season.
  • I know, some people think this is the greatest show of all time, highest rated finale in history, etc.

    but, let's look at MASH objectively. It was a comedy about the Korean War, in a triage unit. Now, don't get me wrong, there were some funny moments-anything involving Klinger in drag, Radar messing up a transmission or another and the Kernel reacting to that. Other than that-I saw not much humor in the show. Hot Lips was mildly interesting, Alan Alda and his sidekick were OK, but whenever they had to interract with the natives, it seemed a little fake. The show was just ok, not the smash sensation that people will jot in down in history as. Funny is funny, but dull can't transcend time-and in this case, the humor has been impeded by the dust on this old 'classic'; dust which can't be blown off.

    **the greatest legacy that MASH created was the board game - Mansion-Apartment-Shack-House
  • A show about a station of nurses in the middle of the war, in Korea. There are two best friends, the pushy woman nurse, the timid man nurse, one male who wants to leave the army and will try ANYTHING to get out of the army legally, and others.

    This is surely a classic. It can get kind of boring, but it is good to fall asleep to, since it is usually on late at night. It is still a very good show. Most people can relate to, or at least enjoy this show. It is quite funnny, but not that funny; mediocre.
  • Not bad...

    I've found many of the comments about this series to be quite amusing, particularly the ones bashing it for "shoving" a liberal agenda down viewers throats. Given it's success for 11 years, I don't think the audience seemed to agree with that assessment. Quite simply, the show was one of the best written, best acted, and most entertaining shows in television history. Yes, it wore out its welcome in the end; but, it is a masterpiece that later shows rarely measured up to.

    I have no great preference for one season's cast over another. Each character was unique and had something to contribute. When we lost the bumbling, but loveable Henry Blake, we got the stern but loving Sherman Potter. Both were the C.O., but each was a different person, a smart move by the creators. The same is true for Frank Burns and Charles Emerson Winchester III. Burns was a neurotic, vindictive, childish fool; while Winchester was an arrogant blowhard, but one who could hold his own with Hawkeye. Burns was incompetent, while Winchester was an outstanding surgeon; just ask him. Characters were missed when they left; but, they were not replaced with doppelgangers. That is part of the reason this show lasted so long.

    The show did take on a more serious tone in the later seasons, but not entirely. There are plenty of laughs right up to the end. Those serious shows were often some of the most memorable, and they kept the series from becoming stale. With that said, they did tend to resort to Hawkeye's mental problems a bit too much, especially in the farewell. You can argue that a character like Hawkeye, with his passion for preserving life, was ripe for mental breakdowns; but, in reality, he probably would have been shipped home by the second breakdown.

    The show is not perfect (it lasted 8 years longer than the actual war) but it comes far closer than most. It seems to be fashionable to bash popular shows and movies after their days is over. Part of this is a new generation trying to establish their own identity and dominance. Well, I didn't like my parent's movies, shows and music when I was younger; until I actually watched them and listened to them. Some of it turned out to be quite good, some not. Real quality stands the test of time. MASH will be around far longer than most of what I see on tv today.
  • There was a time when I hated this show...

    When I was younger I would either change the channel or leave the room whenever M*A*S*H came on. I think I hated it because I didn't understand it. Then one day I actually sat through an episode with my brother and I was laughing my head off. But the wonderful thing about M*A*S*H is that amidst all the laughter there was always an underlying moral, a true fable for our day and age that was never hard to grasp and always poignant. Thank goodness for the antics of the 4077th.
  • Fantastic show except for all the goofs and flubs

    M*A*S*H was a wonderfully funny movie and is one of the few shows to transition itself to TV and be quite successful. The first couple of years, M*A*S*H was at the top of it's game. There were more then just the occasional flubs in the plot line including such dandys as Col. Blakes wife's name changing from Mildred to Louise, The fact that the Korean Conflict was Hawkeye's second war but yet he was a draftee doctor for the Korean conflict. The fact that Col. Blake in 1952 but yet Col. Potter was there to celebrate New Year 1951. Of course my all time favorite, Hawkeye in one epsidoe receiving a sweater from his sister and asking his Dad to say "Hi to Mom and Sister" but later in the series stating he was an only child and his mother died while he was a child.
  • This show was great and entertaining I can still watch episodes that I have seen 10 times, and still enjoy them.

    This show is beyond a classic. People always say if you saw the movie 1st you like that better, and if you saw the TV show 1st you usually like that better. I liked the TV show. I liked Trapper a little more than BJ, because that was my type of humor but they were both great characters. I liked pierce but there were times you got sick of him whining and acting like a big baby, on a soap box, and it makes you turn the channel. The one's Alan Alda directed with the liberal agenda, but some of his were good. I did like the one with the clock, and the guy had 24 hours to see if he was alright, and the guy who they just showed everything through his eyes. I might be a little biased since I'm from the Toledo area, but I liked Klinger, that was a great character, even after he stopped dressing in drag. Jamie Farr has done alot for this city too.
  • "i think M.A.S.H was a-okay"

    If M.A.S.H was'nt on basic Cable, life would have sucked for me. My dad used to watch it when ever it was on. I rember seeing all through my life on T.V. it was'nt bad to watch when i was bord of other basic cable channels i say this is a 10 for classic!.
  • From slapstick to dramedy to pat formula, much of it brilliant...

    A groundbreaking show that evolved through it's many years, from the slapsticky humor at the beginning borrowing generously from the motion picture, to the perfect balance of humor and pathos in the BJ/Potter/Burns years, to the drawn out last years as a glorified "buddy" show where there are really no antagonists (even Charles went right along with almost every wacky caper they were engaged in near the end), which robbed the series of its energy and bite. Also, the increased liberalism through the years - while it was a noble calling, and it helped establish the anti-war sentiment that is now ingrained in a part of our culture - did get heavy-handed, even to a pseudo tree-hugger like me. All that said, the best of this series ranks with the best that the medium has and will ever offer, and a little surprisingly, has aged very gracefully.
  • More people need to appreciate a show this great!

    I recently watched the MASH DVD's from seasons 1 to 6 and I was blown away by the raw emotion and humour. Hawkeye is easily my favourite character as well as Trapper who I was sad to see go. However BJ is a great addition to the show as well. MASH is underappreciated by many people and is one of the few shows that will last forever in the hearts and minds of everyone.
  • A comedy about a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean Conflict.

    War doesn't seem like a good place for a comedy setting. However, it works here and has worked before and after. Drama is mixed in as needed to try and keep everyone aware of what was really going on.

    The show had a lot of great actors. However, in my opinion, the show took a big hit when
    McLean Stevenson (Lt. Colonel Henry Braymore Blake) left for his own series. Harry Morgan filled his spot as Colonel Sherman T. Potter. He was good ... but it just wasn't the same. That same season Wayne Rogers (Captain John Francis Xavier "Trapper" McIntyre) left the show as well. Mike Farrell took his spot as was nowhere near as good. A couple of season later Larry Linville left the show and thing really started to go downhill. Alan Alda was the only link in the chain that kept the show in tact for eleven seasons.
  • MASH has been a classic on TV after having been a filf since day one. But I wonder as others do about the opening credits:why is there that edit of an ambulance pulling in with scratched,discoloured stock?

    I have always loved M*A*SH the film and the tv series. But one thing that continues to beguile me is the opening credit sequence. apperantly over the many years few people have either noticed the quirk or,like me have chosen to not ask about it. The first edit after the main credits has an ambulance arriving at the MASH 4077. This edit is clearly from a different batch of film.It is dirty it is scratched and yet this edit remained in the opening credits the entire run of the show. Why was it there and why did it remain there? Someone must know.It frankly, reminds me of the "Rosebud" dilemma from Citizen Kane.
  • HE is worried that prinsiple Hyde will not want her to be the School Captain

    HE is worried that prinsiple Hyde will not want her to be the School Captain. Seb tries to support her and tells her there is nothing Hyde can do about it anyway as long as she gets enough votes, because that only means everyone want her to be the School Captain. They tells him and Seb that she has lost the baby.
  • Wicked Old School

    It may have been before my time but the reruns make it almost like its still new. Theres always an episode on that you never realised you hadn't seen. Always a laugh but always a message too! Definitely one not to miss but I still dont think I have ever seen the very first episode!
  • m*a*s*h*

    Mash is a show about the medical team who is working behind the scenes during the korean war. the charecters include hawkeye , radar , klinger ,and charles wincester who was once called chauncey ambercrombie. this is a very funny show and has been enjoyed for ages. all the members of my family enjoy this show and it all ways has me laughing like crazy. there are always funny gags and silly pranks involved in episode which make it even funnier. this show is a classic and will never be out of style. this has been a coolchris44 review. M*A*S*H* rocks!
  • it's before my time but it's too funny to miss out on.

    the show was great and super hilarious and the actors were great and funny with a few sad moments here and there but no show has never been about doctors and surgeons helping soldiers in the korean war set in the 50s but the show was canceled for one reason and alan alda explained in the 30 year reunion he said the show was canceled because they wanted and decided to end the show while they were on top instead of slowly going down hill and then forced to be canceled and I agree. the show was great and it made it self great.
  • one of the few "best"!

    any dramady (drama comedy) out now owes its props to MASH. cleaver acting, writting, and directing, without every repeating itself are the true reason why its one of the best! a classic example is the episode "POV" in which the entire episode is shown thru the eyes of a wounded soldier. while the first few season may have been seen as a comedy, it truelly didnt hit its stride until 4th season. whith a run longer than the actual korean war, MASH can be seen by generations as a true television classic.
    pick up the dvd seasons and catch all the unedited versions.
  • Classic war humor

    MASH the series, even though fashioned from the MOVIE, both were really born from the Hilarious Classic about the insanities of military intellegence in time of war, CATCH 22.

    Many watchers were no doubt former military or spouses and children of those who served.

    The ensemble which carried this series into our homes every week were superb. Both Mike and Alan were so committed to the Acting arts would practice their scenes even after the scene was "in the can."

    Simply wonderful and a humorous relief from the horrors of battle fatigue and death.
  • great war show that provided comic relief but also showed how war affects people.

    M*A*S*H was a great show that involved the war and showed how the war affected peoples lives, but it also brought in humor through the doctors and nurses who lived at te 4077th MASH unit. The episodes were very well done and the actors were amazing. I'm glad they still show reruns on the Hallmark channel!
  • love the show but...

    Love the show entirely except one character. Colonel Flagg can't stand him worst character in any tv show ever. Lucky he is only in 5 episodes or so.
  • The perfect mix of comedy and drama.

    M*A*S*H can be one of the funniest shows at times and at the same time can be really sad. This is what makes it so great. My favourite 'era' of the show was in the early days when Trapper and Henry. With Hawkeye and Trapper constantly pulling pranks on Frank and 'Hotlips,' Henry having the latter two always going over his head and many other things always made you laugh. I didn't like the later seasons quite as much because it didn't have any laughter at all and by then it was basically a drama. I still thought it was great show though, just little bit, and not as good as it used to be. The thing about M*A*S*H that made it different than a lot of shows is that; you really get drawn into the characters. In full, M*A*S*H was an amazing show.
  • It showed both the seriousness of being in the war and the lesser seen fun of being in the war.

    This is a phenomenal show because it showed both the seriousness and fun of being in the war very well. The stories be they serious, comical or both are done very well. All of the characters are memorable and intriguing. But its not all fun and games or war-seriousness they have their own personal dilemmas. All in all this is one of my favourite shows and I recommend you watch it.
  • The best!

    I really didn't enjoy this show until after I joined the Army. My parnets used to watch it when I was little but I didn't get into it until I was in the Army myself. I thin realized just how great a show it really was. I would relate to the characters and the rules and regulations of the military. The stupid things that had to be done just to keep you busy.
  • MASH is just that, classic it about the people of the 4077th and about the Korean War. It mixed drama and comedy very well and it an show to watch to see how they could live in the war and work together to stay alive and also make people laugh.

    The show takes place during the Korean War and overall it's an good mix of drama and comedy. The charaters are so belevialbe that you could be there them through the war as they make people laugh and cry at the same time. The script written was superb and an all time great it's get an 9.5 out of 10
  • .

    I watched MASH with my father. I didn't understand most of it, but my dad sure did. He laughed so hard, that I laughed. As I got older, I started to understand the jokes and realized what was so funny. It was witty, smart and a little crazy. I saulute you MASH.
  • A wonderful show.

    The creative team behind "M*A*S*H" brought a perfect blend of comedy and pathos to the small screen. The first three seasons were pure comedic gold, with the characters of Lt. Colonel Henry Blake and "Trapper" John McIntyre, who both left at the end of the third season.
    With the introduction of Colonel Potter and B.J. Hunnicut, the show took a more somber tone, which still managed to be incredibly funny. At this point, the show had evolved into a wonderful mix of laughter and drama.
    Then, Major Frank Burns left the show at the end of the fifth season, and with the induction of Major Charles Winchester, the show managed to keep its laughter and drama balanced.
    However, with the exit of Radar O'Reilly, the comedy was lost, and drama took over until the final episode, which still holds the record for the most-watched television event.

    In summation, I highly recommend the first five seasons of the show. The rest are also incredibly good. This was a ground-breaking television show, and it holds a prominent position in TV history.
  • I absolutely loved, and still love, MASH.

    I grew up watching M*A*S*H, and now, my 7 year-old son can't get enough of it, either. I know it's not, typically, the type of material "suitable" for young children.. But, it was such a trend-setter, for shows to come, like: ER, Grey's Anatomy, Heartland, etc.
    Besides the great story-lines, of which the entire series was made with, the personal, and professional chemistry between the actors, and even their characters, was absolutely amazing. I remember coming home, and HAVING to watch MASH, when i got home from school. Even now, grown up, I still catch episodes, at least once a day.
    I wish there was a way to copy what the entire series contained, but i know there will never be something as well-put together as MASH was.
  • The perfect mix of Comedy/Drama/Action/Adventure/Cross Dressing.

    When my aunt bought me a M*A*S*H DVD Box Set for Christmas, I thought, "this women never fails to produce a dud gift." But when I watched it, I was hooked, I loved all of the characters, from Frank Burns to Radar. Every episode touched more than one emotion, M*A*S*H made me feel happy, sad, angry, glad and many many more. Even though this tv show was a good 10 years before my time, I consider it one of my favourite shows. I recommend M*A*S*H to anyone with a pulse. I only wish there were more shows like this one.
  • I started watching this before I ever saw the movie MASH.

    I can remember my mother telling me, "The show is much better than the movie, much funnier." I agreed with her for many years until I finally saw the Robert Altman film (which is fantastic, but saved for another review). This show for me was one that defined my generation. It was on during my formative years, one that I watched weekly at first, and eventually twice a night on weeknights. The cast, even though it changed significantly over the 11 seasons was always very well balanced and the writing consistently good. The beginning of the series seemed a little zanier and madcap, and the end of the series (around the time Alan Alda started producing/writing/directing episodes in earnest) found the members of the 4077th as more of a cohesive group who liked being around each other. I have been collecting the DVDs as they come out, and watch a few a week, which reminds me of the old days. Arguably one of the best comedies on T.V. I love it!
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