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  • The antics and emotions of a single Mobile Army Surgical Hospital called the 4077th. The audience recieves an extremely personal glance at doctors, service men, and nurses as they adapt to a tragic war. Beautifully simple, fun, yet bittersweet.

    (Spoilers Within)
    M*A*S*H is quite simply the greatest TV show ever created. It is elegantly simple in its premise:doctors, nurses, corpsman, clerks, and the victims of the war escape the tragedy around them through acts of borderline to over-the-line lunacy. The show is held together through the complex parrallel narratives (most often two stories, one dramatic and one comedic) and the chemistry developed between the characters. From the extreme highs of watching Trapper and Hawkeye "box" Frank Burns to the absolute bitterness of Henry's tragic death. This show succesfully managed to juggle the comedy and the dramatic elements of the story into a powerful juggernaut of emotion. Throughout the 11 years of this precious series the show never loses its appeal. One does not realise how much of force this series became in a person's life until that final "Goodbye" slides into a view in the finale. It is so utterly painful since you know the journey is over but so poignant that you feel as if you were part of the 4077th, not just watching it.

    The one word to describe this series is simple to find: Perfect.