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  • 3 years of war equils 11 years of hillarity!

    I'm not sure where the creators of this show got thier idea, or how they found the cast for it (i could probably find out if I watched the extras on the DVD's) but they are pure genius'. The show started off incredably strong and did nothing but improve. While most programs will have what I call a dead season this show was lucky enough to squeek by with only a few dead episodes. When Alan Alda began writing and producing the show made a dramatic turn and it did so in a good way. Oher than a few minor problems, the show went off without a hitch. (One problem being a character called Spear-chucker form season 1 episodes...there were no black surgons in the Korean Conflict) But those problems were solved as son as they were discovered. A regluar cast of character that will keep you in stitches longer than their patients. This show had one bennifit that many characters stuck around. Alan Alda, for instance, was in episode one and was also one of the last characters you saw in the final episode with only missing a few here and there for unknown reasons. Full of laughs and moving diologue this show is a must see for all!

    Dr. Sydny Freedman: Klinger I hope you get that Section 8, and the day you do there'll be an entire platoon of men in hoop skirts right behind you!

    Dead Season: A season in a television serries that doesn't quite live up to previous standards. The cause for such can be the introduction of new writers, directors or producers.

    Dead Episode: An episode of a television serries that isn't quite as entertaining as others.
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