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  • The Korean Conflict, Police Action, or just plain old War was a glorified war with motion pictures like ToraTora and Patton but what happened with the humanity of the war. M*A*S*H, Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, tells the exploits of a surgical team as t

    Amazing, special, hilarious, timeless, and innovative all describe the hilarious outtakes of the M*A*S*H 4077th team explores the sexual, social, professional, and personal antics of a mismatched crew of surgeons, nurses, and general army personnel. The Korean War lasted 3 years but the series M*A*S*H lasted much longer. This critically acclaimed series is far under appreciated at its current time for its comic genius.

    Alan Alda is the key character known as Benjamin "Hawkeye" Pierce. His exploits are humorous and his antidotes are thought provoking. Many people enjoyed the series for its innovative humor but the moral lessons learned through the series are timeless as well. M*A*S*H earned the credit that the series deserved in its fourth season with the astonishing death of the dear leader Henry Blake. M*A*S*H skyrocketed up to the number one spot.

    The series ended several years later with a final episode that obtained the record of most watched episode of a television series ever. The fame of M*A*S*H had reached a peak right as it ended.

    Currently the DVD version of the show is being released as Seasons 1 through 8 are now available for purchase. These sets give a timeless show a new birth as its daytime rerun spot was removed from the FX lineup. M*A*S*H has a loyal following such as I but not many people realize that the humor, wit, morals, and drama leave something for each person to enjoy. M*A*S*H is a timeless masterpiece that inspired a generation of television.
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