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  • A classic that made tv viewing an experience.

    M.A.S.H is a TV show that is serious and funny at the same time. "Can it be?" I hear you ask. Well, just have a look and see for yourself. Put together a team of wacky nurses and surgeons and top them off with a corporal that is one step ahead of his commanding officer and another corporal that dresses like a woman, trying to get out on a Section 8 'Psycho discharge', and you have yourself a recipe for chaos and laughs all in the one place. Radar O'Rielly can hear choppers while they are still a way off, which is just weird, and Captain Hawkeye and the Swamp residents operate a still with which they make their own martinis. Hawkeye and his sidekick BJ or Trapper are always picking on Frank Burns or Charles Winchester. They find any opportunity to pick on Frank Burns and Margaret 'Hot Lips' Houlihan. Hawkeye also helps support the local orphanage, 'Sister Theresa's orphanage'. He even uses his childhood imaginary friend as a real officer and forges some army documents to get the orphanage supplies and money. Apart from causing mischief and passing their time being hooligans and troublemakers, Hawkeye and BJ & Trapper are the best surgeons in the entire east asian theatre of operations. In fact, their performance in surgery has often impressed their superior officers so much that they are often pardoned for their rebelious behaviour and/or insubordination. As they put it in their own humorous way, "We Did It Again, Screwed Up In Reverse!"

    In summary I would rate the show 10/10 because I find it highly entertaining and a pleasure to sit and watch. I don't get bored watching the show and it is never dull.

    I thank the brave doctors and nurses on the front line down at the old M.A.S.H 4077. I salute them with my highest commendation and say, Thanks for the memories and the many years of brilliant entertainment.