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  • This is my favorite show of all time.M*A*S*H has stood the test of time in re-runs.The change from mostly a comedy to more drama was okay as the charcaters were important to me.Set in the Korean war a Army hospital deals with life & death.

    I love this show it can be great at times. Others especially towards the last 3 seasons it can get a little preachy or let us say its anti-war agenda is pushed some and a liberal philosophy is surely there. The characters are most important to me. Hawkeye is there from beginning to end. Also is Margaret. Col Potter was a favorite as he showed the skills and strength of a good leader and that is why I always preferred him to Henry Blake. Radar is missed at times but Klinger keeps it lively. BJ is better in the Drama parts and Trapper John better at comedy. Father Mulcahey is most consistent. Sometimes Margaret is not that believable especially near the shows end as her make up and nails are to perfect and her looks "changed".

    This Friday they will show the last episode it one show not in segments and I can't remember when they last did that. So get you recorders ready and grab some popcorn it going to be a fun Friday night at home.