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  • this "dramdy" chronicled the daily lives of a mobile army surgical hopital in war torn korea during the 1950's. side splitting laughs in a dreary setting.

    i used to watch mash with father since i was in diapers. it is still one of my all time favorite programs. the inventor of the "dramady"--drama and comedy show in one. the show is set in war torn south korea. "mash" is short for mobile army surgical hospital, the entire camp can be packed up and moved to an entirely different location within hours in order to avoid enemy attacks. soldiers die and sometimes doctors can't prevent that. amid all the seriousness, the antics of the personnel of mash 4077 are outrageous. the surgeons need to find an outlet for all of their bottled up emotions and they usually unleash hordes of practical jokes and witty comebacks on each other. the first 3 seasons are still my favorite, a lighter tone and trapper john is my favorite character. i have over the years developed and appreciation for later seasons. a bit more serious but amazing stories and writing. early on there were several major cast changes, but mash didn't miss a beat, staying on the air for 11 years. i was one of the millions of viewers who made the final episode the most watched tv episode of all time, a record that still hasn't been broken even after more than 25 years! thanks to reruns and dvd, i can still enjoy the antics of hawkeye, trapper, hunnicut, frank, charles, radar, henry, col potter, hot lips houlihan, klinger, father mulcahy and the rest of the 4077th. a true classic that will live on forever.