Season 11 Episode 9

Run For the Money

Aired Unknown Dec 20, 1982 on CBS

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  • The main reason this episode is so special to me, is because of the subplot.

    Run for the Money is my favorite Mash episode, because it dealt with a subject that have affected my life for so many years. When I first saw it, it brought tears to my eyes.Of course, the subject I am talking about is stuttering. Private Plmer is a wounded soldier who was brought in with two others. Palmer is mocked by his peers and his captain because he stutters. Major Winchester takes Captain Sweeney aside and warns him on his behavior towards Private Palmer. Winchester takes Private Plmer for x-rays, which he laters explains to Palmer it was "ruse" to take him away from his "anickering comrades." First, Winchester points out to Palmer there is much more in life than comic books. Palmer than ask, "How would anyone know I'm smart, when I can't even talk. Charles replies, You'll know. Charles gives Palmer a copy of "Moby Dick." Palmer than asks Charles why is he is doing all this. Later on back in the "Swamp" Winchester listens to the recorded letter from his sister, who stutters as she speaks.
  • The 4077 hears a champion athlete is coming and makes a wager. He never shows & its up to Father Mulcahy to save the day against an opponent that could easily win. Charles goes the extra mile to help a soldier with a speach impediment.

    Word gets out that an athlete that almost made the Olympics is coming to the 4077. Ever ready to win some money against their rival the 8063 the gauntlet is thrown down. The runner does show , his overweight father is really the new supply Sarge. Father Mulcahy ends up getting "drafted" to run the race and he has an agenda the orphanage needs a new roof and he will do his best and trains hard, On race day we see his opponent and he is 20 years younger and in much better shape. During the race Father gets to talk to his opponent and says later after his opponent throws the race and lets Mulcahy win that when he saw the kids he couldn't take it and let father win. Right before crossing the line Mulcahy makes everyone promise to give all of the $ even their winnings to the orphanage.

    The other story is about a solider that stutters and is made fun of by his comrades. Charles will not stand for this and encourages the young man to read more than comic books. As you know a lot of Charles mail was recorded tapes his family sends instead of letters. We find out near the end that Charles' sister Honoria also has a speech impediment and you can just picture Charles standing up for her when they were kids. One of the better episodes it may even bring a tear to your eyes.