Season 4 Episode 12

Soldier of the Month

Aired Unknown Nov 28, 1975 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, the danger of the fever was for the patient to become full of fluid while the kidneys were shut down. Once they began functioning again, we saw Frank marching off to the latrine, implying that he would now be fine. In the later episode, 'Mr. and Mrs. Who?' it was shown that the kidneys resuming function marked the onset of an even deadlier phase of the illness.

  • Quotes

    • Hawkeye: Sergeant Zale, many of the settlers who came to California in 1848 were searching for what?
      Sgt. Zale: Palm trees, how the hell do I know? I'm from Brooklyn!

    • Margaret: I've seen rats around here the size of dogs.
      Hawkeye: I've even heard some complaining about people running around their tents.

    • Radar: He's cheating, he's got the answers written all over himself!
      Klinger: I am not, those are tattoos, leave me alone!

    • Sgt. Zale: I know a lot of state capitals. I'll show you. Ask me the capital of Cleveland!

    • Igor: (ignoring a question from Hawkeye) I thought there were going to be refreshments here.

  • Notes

    • When this episode aired in syndication, it ended with the scene of Hawkeye and B.J. helping Frank back to his tent after Margaret slugged him. In the original network version, the episode ended with a very drunk Radar coming back to the 4077 and relating his R&R experiences to Colonel Potter.

    • This is the first mention of Korean hemorrhagic fever. It would come back to plague the 4077th in the episode "Mr. and Mrs. Who?".

  • Allusions

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