Season 11 Episode 11

Strange Bedfellows

Aired Unknown Jan 10, 1983 on CBS

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  • Potter gets excited when he hears his son in-law had had some business in Seoul and is going to make a visit to the 4077,but finds out about an affair. Charles is snoring and doesn't want to admit a Winchester could do such a thing like a common person.

    One of my least liked episodes. The series was in its final days and they were having a hard time coming up with stories. I didn't like the part about Potter's son in-law and I thought they could have had a better story. Potter finds out by a phone call that a negligee was left at a hotel his son on-law stayed & his wife Potter's daughter was back in America. This was a hokey story and you just knew they could have at least had a better idea how Potter caught him. Maybe when Klinger was putting Bob's luggage in the VIP tent the negligee could have dropped out of a suitcase and Klingers could have struggled with telling Potter. Overall a weak story line. Potter's admission that he cheated on his wife was another story we could have done without. I guess when you are on TV this long it gets very hard to come up with stories and stay fresh. Other shows like 3's Company ran out of ideas fast and I remember most shows being about some mis-communication or mistake. Anyway we are in 1983 and the show is coming to an end. Its kind of sad really & I have seen the final show in 25 years, but its on Friday, and I bet I watch it at least 3 times this weekend. MASH will live on in re-runs, but its been gone a long time. I don't think I have seen all episode so every now and then I still see one I don't remember or haven't seen and its a treat.