Season 11 Episode 11

Strange Bedfellows

Aired Unknown Jan 10, 1983 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Near the end of the episode, when Potter has been telling Bob the tale of his own slip-up, and comments that there's nothing worse than betraying the love of a good woman, Dennis Dugan makes a very peculiar movement with his mouth. It almost looks as though, having listened tight-lipped to the story and realizing that Potter knows, he started to speak and found that his lips had stuck together.

    • When Charles is sitting at the table, his medical insignia and leaves on his collar keep switching sides.

  • Quotes

    • Potter: Bobby, I've got something to tell you, something that I've never told anyone. A while back, Mildred and I were moving into a new home. She went on ahead and I stayed behind for a few days. One night, I came off a real late shift. There was this nurse who'd been working with me, and the thought of getting something to eat together seemed innocent enough at the time. After that, she suggested... a night cap at her place, and, well... things got a little friendlier than they should've. When I caught up with Mildred, I felt so bad, I couldn't look her in the face for a week. She never let on that she suspected anything, but somehow, I think she may have sensed what happened. There's nothing that can make you feel worse than betraying the love of a good woman.
      Bobby: (realizing the meaning of the story) How'd you find out?
      Potter: That's not important. What matters is that no matter how well you keep a secret, their will always be one person how knows: you.

    • (Father Mulcahy is trying to calm down Col. Potter, who recently found out his son-in-law had an affair)
      Potter: Whose side are you on?! I thought adultery was one of those sins that earned you an express ride right downsttairs!
      Father Mulcahy: I'm not condoning what he did. But I've lived in a war zone for some time now, and I've seen the sixth commandment take quite a beating. It doesn't necessairly mean the end of a good marriage.
      Potter: We're not talking about some lonely soldier whose been stuck over here for a year! This is a traveling salesman whose only been away for one week! And its not some army wife I never met, ITS MY DAUGHTER!!!

    • Potter: Sorry, boys, that room's got the "Occupado" sign out, for my son-in-law tonight.
      Margaret: Your son-in-law's coming here?
      Hawkeye: Who booked his trip, the Marquis de Sade Travel Agency?

    • Potter: You know, I always told Mildred, "You keep an eye on that boy, he's gonna be somebody one of these days!"
      Bob: I seem to remember something in there about "Hell freezing over"?

    • Klinger: Major, have you thought of sleeping on your--
      Charles: One word about my stomach, and you'll be busted. First your rank, then your knees.
      Klinger: And good night to you, sir.

    • Charles: Gentlemen, I am aware that allergies can lead to troubled breathing which, in some cases, can lead to snoring. However, in this case that can not be.
      BJ: Why not?
      Charles: BECAUSE I DO NOT SNORE!
      Hawkeye: Charles, what is the big deal about admiting it?
      Margaret: A lot of people snore.
      Charles: A lot of people dribble soup on their chins and vote for democrats.

    • Margaret: (about Charles' snoring) You are giving our position away to the enemy.

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