Season 9 Episode 8

Tell it To the Marines

Aired Unknown Jan 12, 1981 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Col. Mulhallan: (after Hawkeye gets Jost's story out) Your little Dutch boy is gonna pay for this. When we get him back, he's in for the LONGEST THREE WEEKS OF HIS LIFE!
      Hawkeye: (in an insulting tone) Well, that's a coincidence. We doctors were just discussing his prognosis. It seems he's come down with a 21 day flu. Isn't that right, doctor?
      BJ: I'll second the opinion.
      Col. Mulhallan: You can't do that.
      Col. Potter: (pointing to his eagle insignia) Maybe they can't, but I believe yours truly can. If you watch the birdie here, you'll get the picture.
      Col. Mulhallan: I see. I read ya loud and clear.
      Hawkeye: Oh, but don't worry. We'll tell Jost you send your best wishes for his speedy recovery.
      Col. Mulhallan: You doctors always cover for each other don't ya?
      Hawkeye: Thats right. And to quote a phrase that seems to be all the rage, there's not thing one you can do about it.

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