Season 10 Episode 1

That's Show Biz

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 1981 on CBS

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  • The last few seasons were not as bad as some people claim they are.

    There is a general belief that MASH outstayed its welcome in the last few seasons. This double-length episode proves that theory wrong. By the time it was first broadcast the Vietnam War, which the Korean War antics were supposed to refer to, had been over from some years. The show became a story about the life of military personnel in any war. In this episode we see how the USO tries to entertain the troops, how traumatized soldiers react to simple conversations, how small things can bring comfort to relatives of fallen heroes, etc. It confronts people with prejudices, celebrates the simple things in life and shows the effect doctors can have on their patients. All of this is done with humor. Apart from the scenes between Hawkeye and Marina, it never resorts to sentimental pap. Funny and realistic.