Season 10 Episode 1

That's Show Biz

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 1981 on CBS



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    • Charles: I must say, Pierce, I certainly envy you your surgical assignment. I'd love to sink my scalpel once again into a simple appendix. Such a useless yet highly lucrative little organ.

    • Hawkeye: Before I take out your appendix, there's one question I always like to ask. Have you had your appendix out before?

    • Hawkeye: How long have you had these pains?
      Marina: Just for a few days. Wasn't too bad at first but now it aches like heck.
      Hawkeye: You can say "hell" here. We're in Korea. If you can't say "hell" in hell, where in hell can you say it?

    • Hawkeye: I'd send you a postcard from the Korean theater, but the show is always the same.

  • Notes

    • TV.com (correctly) counts the first four hour-long broadcasts as two episodes but for some reason this one is counted as just one episode.  This makes the episode count incorrect.  There are 255 half-hour episodes of M*A*S*H plus the finale.

    • If you see M*A*S*H reruns in Canada on cable channel PRIME, some episodes (starting with this one) will erroneously have Gary Burghoff's name in the opening credits, even though he left two years earlier.

    • Radar is no longer seen in the main title credits.

    • This was the fifth and final 60-minute episode of M*A*S*H. These hour-long segments were divided into 30-minute 2-parters for syndication.

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