Season 4 Episode 6

The Bus

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 1975 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The Bus
Radar is driving Hawkeye, BJ, Potter, and Frank in a bus back from a 'medical conference' when they get lost. They stop to see if they can find anything they recognize. When they decide to turn around, they find that the bus won't start. Radar goes off in the middle of the night for the latrine, and does not immediately return. Stricken, Hawkeye wants to set out to find him, only to be stopped by Potter. An injured Korean surrenders to get medical help from Hawk and BJ. Upon Radar's return, the Korean helps repair the bus and get them out of danger.moreless

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Alan Alda

Alan Alda

Captain Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce

Gary Burghoff

Gary Burghoff

Corporal Walter Eugene "Radar" O'Reilly (Season 1-8)

Harry Morgan

Harry Morgan

Colonel Sherman T. Potter (Season 4-11)

Larry Linville

Larry Linville

Major Franklin Delano Marion Burns (Season 1-5)

Mike Farrell

Mike Farrell

Captain BJ Hunnicut (Season 4-11)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Radar says the Walkie-Talkie won't work because the other one is back at the base and broken. Frank tries to use it anyway and the Colonel reminds him that the second one is "twenty miles from here." How would he know the 4077th is twenty miles away? None of them have any idea where they are or even if they are in enemy territory.

    • This episode is nearly identical to the Season 8 episode "The Yalu Brick Road" in which Hawkeye and B.J. get lost on the way back to camp and and run across a Korean soldier who wants to surrender. Soon Tek Oh plays the surrendering soldier in both episodes!

  • QUOTES (6)

    • B.J.: I spent a week with you in command, Frank. You lost me the minute you wanted the toilet seats to stand at attention.

    • Potter: I've been in worse spots.
      Hawkeye: You ever tried getting dressed quietly in a dark closet with a pocket full of change?

    • Hawkeye: Frank, if you talk about Radar in the past tense one more time, I'm gonna show you how to be a tailgunner!

    • (After they have each ventured into the woods to see where they are)
      Hawkeye: I met a little girl with a basket for her grandma.
      BJ: Wearing a red riding hood?
      Hawkeye: Actually she was with seven little dwarves.
      BJ: She's in the wrong woods.
      Hawkeye: Or the wrong story.
      Colonel Potter: Are you finished, doctors?

    • Frank: (speaking into the walkie-talkie) Any Allied personnel, if you recieve me, here is my position. Ready? Ah, there are only about half a dozen stars visible, skywise. I am directly under the brightest one. over.
      Hawkeye: Terrific, Frank.
      BJ: They'll start searching for us in Bethlehem.

    • Frank: I can plug an ace of hearts at fifty feet.
      Hawkeye: I'll remember that if we're attacked by a bridge club.

  • NOTES (4)