Season 3 Episode 1

The General Flipped at Dawn

Aired Unknown Sep 10, 1974 on CBS

Episode Recap

An inspection by a decorated and strict 2-star Major General Bartford Hamilton Steele puts the 4077th on edge. When he arrives, its behavior leaves much to be desired, but so does the general's sanity! He mistakes Klinger for his wife and Hawkeye for a news reporter, but the final straw comes when, after talking to a chopper pilot, he decides too much fuel is being wasted and orders the unit to bug out and move the camp closer to the front, just to show that a MASH unit should in fact be mobile. At this point, everyone except Frank has decided the Gen. Steele is nuts.

When Hawkeye goes over Steele's head and sends a chopper off with a patient on it to get him to Seoul instead of letting the general use it for scouting out the new MASH site, Steele calls for a court martial. When the military hearing is assembled, the general asks for an African-American pilot for a "musical number," because he has it in his blood. Thus the general exposes his own mental instability, and the MP calls the hearing off. The next day, upon learning that Gen. Steele has been promoted to 3-star general at a Korean theater of operations, Hawkeye, Trapper and Col. Blake respond by breaking into a "musical number" of their own!
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