Season 4 Episode 13

The Gun

Aired Unknown Dec 02, 1975 on CBS

Episode Recap

Radar has to go into Maragret's tent to tell her that an ambulance will be coming in with wounded shortly. He finds her asleep, things in a mess and a record skipping on the phonograph. When he wakes her, she gets startled and accuses him of peeking. He tells her about the jeep and she tells him to put everything back how he found it. When the ambulance arrives, they find that there are soldiers in it that were run over by a tank. The highest ranking soldier, Col. Chaffey, has a gun with him, and Radar takes it to put in a secure lock-up in the supply tent. Hawkeye, BJ and Col. Potter put casts on the soldiers, and they tell Potter about Chaffey's gun. Meanwhile, Frank takes charge of more wounded that come in on a bus. He complains about them arriving so late. Radar has trouble taking the rifle away from one unconscious soldier. Frank helps Radar take them to the gun bin. He sees Chaffey's gun and admires it. Radar takes it out and Frank tries it out. Radar then locks it up and ushers Frank out when he keeps admiring the gun. Later, Hawk and Beej check on Col. Chaffey; he asks about his gun and BJ says that it is secure. Frank visits Margaret in her tent as she does yoga and he shows off the gun, passing it off as his, having sent for it from home. Margaret says that her father had one like it and asks Frank to wear it as a regular sidearm; he refuses. Meanwhile, Radar gives one soldier back his rifle and notices that the gun is missing. He goes to tell Potter while he is eating in the mess tent, sitting with Hawkeye and BJ. Radar says that he and Frank were the last ones to see it. They see Frank sitting with Margaret and think that he might have it. Potter says that they will make a complete search of the camp, but that Radar may get fifteen years in the stockade. Potter even asks Father Mulcahy to pray for its return. Potter tells Chaffey about the gun and he demands Radar's head on a platter. Hawk and Beej accost Frank in OR and ask if he may have just admired the gun and not returned it before Radar got in trouble. Frank says that Radar gets the benefit of the doubt but he doesn't; this makes them pause and Frank leaves. Later, Radar gets drunk (on one beer) in the O-Club and Klinger tries to comfort him. Radar keeps going on about the gun and the possible fifteen years. Potter announces over the PA that the search has been not successful and that if the gun is returned, no questions will be asked. He then puts a passed-out Radar to bed, covering him up and getting his teddy bear. Just after Potter leaves, Frank gets the keys, goes back to the gun bin and tries to get put gun back. Meanwhile, Radar wakes up, goes to Col. Chaffey and asks him why he needs that gun. When Chaffey says he is drunk, Radar imitates John Wayne, then points the teddy bear at him to 'shoot' Chaffey, but a shot is heard in the background. Frank goes to Margaret's tent with a gunshot wound. He tells her that he was cleaning 'his' gun when he saw someone else try to put back Chaffey's, he jumped them and they shot him. Margaret does not believe him, and he admits that he took the gun. She is upset that he lied about the gun being his. The next day, Chaffey leaves with his gun. Potter says he should not have it with him, but Chaffey insists that he keep it. Radar and Potter then both have eyesight problems, and they realize they have each other's glasses on. Later, Frank is limping by Hawkeye and BJ playing chess. Frank says it's an old football injury and Hawkeye says that he shouldn't use bandages because the powder burns will heal faster. When Frank asks what he's implying, Hawkeye says, 'Nothing, Frank. Just a...shot in the dark.'
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