Season 11 Episode 4

The Joker is Wild

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1982 on CBS

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  • I hate the phrase 'M*A*S*H' was showing its age' but this episode sadly embodies that idea.

    Slamming on a M*A*S*H* episode is painful for me, and I usually find something to like in every episode, era and season aside. But for me, so many problems exist in 'The Joker Is Wild' precisely because I am a longtime fan.

    First of all, didn't BJ establish his master manipulator prankster status when he left Hawkeye holding the bag when they pantsed Charles? Second, to what history are they referring that so annoys BJ? Trapper was never a solo prankster, and even with Hawkeye, his best stuff also went when working with Radar. Next, the whole notion to beat was that Trapper did it alone, yet BJ's topper stunt involved having everyone in on it. Let's not forget Potter, who allowed his Chief Surgeon to be pushed to exhaustion when wounded could come in at any time. Wasn't Hawkeye's unreadiness when Radar got wounded a huge problem? Add to that leaving said Chief Surgeon out in the open when shelling and sniper fire was a reality at the 4077th, even in the best of times. Finally, the supposed super prankster is aided by the pure dumb luck of his old friend's visit. All for a 'prank that never came'?

    BJ's moustache eventually grew back, but this episode has never grown on me.
  • B.J., sick of Hawkeye reminiscing about Trapper\'s practical jokes, sets up a contest. B.J. bets he can pull a joke on everybody (the regular crew). Hawkeye is determined not to let B.J. get him, but his own determination is driving him insane.

    This is an episode for laughs. While the overall plot has some flaws, the story delivers a few unexpected chuckles. One thing I like about M*A*S*H* is that it never forgot the older characters: Henry, Trapper, Frank, Radar, etc. Everyone shares their fond memories of Trapper’s jokes. However, no one is hesitant to move ahead with something new- this time at Hawkeye’s expense. As the prank targets are eliminated one by one, and the complexity of the “pranks” escalates, Hawkeye’s paranoia is on the rise. It is amusing to see him on the other side of the pranks for once.