Season 4 Episode 8

The Kids

Aired Unknown Oct 31, 1975 on CBS

Episode Recap

After another long OR session, Radar tells Col. Potter that the local orphanage run by Meg Cratty is being shelled and they need to evacuate. Hawkeye says that it happened the year before and they came to camp. Potter has Margaret get everyone mobilized for their arrival. Frank shows Margaret a Purple Heart that he had just received for getting wounded in the eye during a sniper attack the month before. Margaret pins it on his scrubs. Hawkeye and BJ make cots for the kids coming. Frank objects to their coming, and when they notice his Purple Heart, Hawkeye says that the shell fragments were egg shells. Frank says it's legal because it was in a combat unit. Just then Meg and the orphans arrive and everyone takes the kids into the mess tent for exams and inoculations. There is one more coming, a pregnant girl that is supposed to come later. One little girl keeps calling Klinger 'mama-san.' The kids get food as well as exams and shots. One slicky boy cons Frank into giving him two quarters after his exam. BJ gets upset when he overhears that one boy lost his leg after picking up a live shell. The slicky boy tries to get more money from Frank, but he refuses. In the Swamp, the kids staying with Hawkeye and BJ want a story. Hawk tells one about Frank; BJ tells them about Androcles and the lion; they fall asleep before the end and Hawk gets 'upset' that BJ doesn't tell the end. Meg comes in for a drink from the still and says she is worried that the pregnant girl hasn't arrived. One of the kids staying with Radar takes his teddy bear to sleep with. In Col. Potter's tent, he reads from an Army manual about field stripping and cleaning a rifle, but he does it like a bedtime story. Klinger stops Radar as he takes one of the kids to the latrine, and they find the pregnant girl staggering in; she's been shot. In the O-Club, one of the kids is playing the piano quite well. Klinger gets her to get into bed, and is stopped by the girl calling him 'mama-san' and tries to convince her he is a male. After he leaves, the piano playing girl starts playing again. The pregnant girl is taken into OR and the doctors find a bullet in the lower abdomen. Hawkeye says that they have to stop the bleeding and then to a Caesarian section to save both of them. BJ is drafted into operating, just then, more wounded come in. The kids are moved out of the mess tent as the wounded come in. Frank tries to find the slicky boy because he's afraid of losing his Purple Heart. He constantly objects to the Korean people being poor and wants to 'give this country back to the Indians.' Meg assists BJ in the operation on the pregnant girl Hawkeye and Potter operate on the wounded. Frank is still looking around for the slicky boy. Father Mulcahy comes for prayer support. Radar puts one girl in the supply tent and sings a lullaby to her. When Frank goes into the OR to look for the boy, Potter has Mulcahy scrub up for surgery. Shortly after, the baby is delivered and Mulcahy leads a prayer for the mother; even atheist Klinger bows his head. The baby is a boy, he has a nick in his butt from the bullet. Klinger gives the mother a bed jacket that is too small for him. The next day, Frank finds his Purple Heart is missing. He thinks the slicky boy took it; he accosts the boy in the showers but he escapes. BJ shows Frank that the medal has been given to the baby boy. Later, Meg takes the kids back to the orphanage. Klinger gives up and tells the girl 'mama-san.' Radar gets his teddy bear back and the kids all leave safely.