Season 4 Episode 8

The Kids

Aired Unknown Oct 31, 1975 on CBS

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  • A heart-warmer

    A great episode on how the 4077th helps a local orphanage that is being shelled by taking in the children as well as a mother to be who has been shot by a sniper. A purple heart for Frank? Surely they jest (and they did). Great performance by Ann Doran as the head of the orphanage and her no nonsense approach to the kids. Would love to hire that little girl who plays the piano so well, we need an accompianist at church. :) As for the purple heart, well it finally went to the right person (sorry Frank, better luck next time.)
  • Displaced Korean orphans stay overnight at the 4077th. A pregnant Korean woman gets shot by a sniper and the surgeons work to save her life and deliver the baby safely.

    It's uplifting to watch the children in this episode because they are so resilient. They've been through hardship, loss and war but they still act like children. They give people hugs, they ask to hear bedtime stories, they make silly faces, they are drawn to a piano in the Officers' Club and Radar's teddy bear. They've suffered, but they still find happiness in things. And except for Frank, the 4077th's staff is very kind to the Koreans. Colonel Potter reads some of the children a story, although apparently the only book he can find is a manual about rifles. Klinger wants to give the pregnant women a quilted bed jacket that doesn't fit him. He also prays for her even though he is supposedly an atheist. I think we see a lot of the characters at their best in this episode.
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