Season 4 Episode 8

The Kids

Aired Unknown Oct 31, 1975 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Just four episodes after being credited as an "Able/Baker" nurse (Baker, to be precise), Kellye Nakahara now has the distinction of an individual character name. (And unless her last name is Kellye, she is also the only nurse who is titled with her first name.)

    • Meg Cratty, who had run an obstetrical clinic for twenty years (according to "The Trial of Henry Blake" apparently decided to abandon that and run an orphanage instead.

    • There is kid that keeps calling Klinger "mama san" in this episode. "Mama san" means something like "respected mother" in Japanese. Why would a Korean kid call him that, I wonder?

    • The question was asked as to whether anyone had done a C-section lately. Presumably, when Hawkeye delivered the baby in the earlier episode "Love and Marriage" he didn't do a C-section, since he says he hasn't done one in years.

  • Quotes

    • (Hawkeye and B. J. notice that Frank is wearing a Purple Heart.)
      Hawkeye: You were never wounded!
      Burns: I most certainly was!
      Hawkeye: When?
      Burns: Last month during the sniper attack. I got a shell fragment in my eye.
      Hawkeye: Wait a minute! Hold the phone, central! I was the one who did that operation. That was an egg shell fragment!
      Burns: Nevertheless, it's listed on my report as 'shell fragment.'

    • Korean child: Mamasan.
      Klinger: No, no mamasan! Corporal Klinger!
      Child: Mamasan.
      Klinger: G.I. Joe. Look. (opens his bathrobe) See? No McGuffies.

    • Klinger: Nurse Cratty?
      Cratty: Hmm?
      Klinger: I got something I'd like to give the mother. It's a bedjacket that's too small for me. It's quilted, aquamarine, with off-white brocade, and right here there are violet sequins arranged in a stunning fleur-de-lis.
      Potter: I gotta get him that discharge.

    • Meg: Hawkeye, if I was 40 years younger...
      Hawkeye: I thought you were!

    • Mulcahy: Klinger, I thought you were an atheist.
      Klinger: I gave it up for Lent.

    • Radar (about the newborn baby): Is it a boy or a girl?
      BJ: If the pictures were right in school, it's a boy.

    • Klinger (helping feed a little girl): I hope you like this. Some of it was cooked before you were born.

    • Margaret: Are you gonna to stand there clowning around or are you gonna to help me?
      Klinger: Major, I guess you haven't noticed, this is not a house dress.
      Margaret: Go get in your fatigues!
      Klinger: Fatigues in the evening!?
      Margaret: Move it!
      Klinger: (sarcastically) Is she beautiful?

    • (Father Mulcahy walks up to the operating table.)
      Father Mulcahy: May I be of any help?
      Nurse Cratty: Everybody has, Father. You might as well bring in the Chairman of the Board. (referring to God)

  • Notes

    • Frank receives a Purple Heart that he applied for after getting a shell fragment in his eye . . . an eggshell fragment. In the Season 1 episode "Sometimes You Hear The Bullet," he applied for a Purple Heart after he threw his back out dancing with Margaret. According to him, these were combat injuries.

    • Alan Alda received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series.

    • Meg Cratty was played by Hope Summers in her first appearance.

    • This is the final appearance of Nurse Meg Cratty.

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