Season 4 Episode 4

The Late Captain Pierce

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 1975 on CBS

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  • Old Masher

    Too bad they deceided to keeping renewing MASH again and again...It would have been better if they had filmed Major Houlihan marriage {5/24} {which should have been Houlihan last appearence} as the next to the last episode and then filmed this what should have been in my opinion the last epsiode of the series...where hawkeye goes home....the cadaver bus just takes him off into the sunset.....but they had to drag the series on for 7 more years???? Incidentally Eisenhower visit to Korea happened in December 1952...so if MASH had ACTUALLY followed the actually Korean war timeline...Winchester would have replaced Burns In January 1953 and only been in MASH 6 months until July 1953...not two years as the last epsiode claims!!!!

    Of Course they wouldn't have filmed the classic 9/6 "A War for All seasons" -in which it should have been BURNS who got Burned instead of Winchester...or of having Potter welcoming the new year 1952....when he actually arrived in September 19, 1952 {4/1}

    {Likewise Blake and Burns should have been in 9/6 Blake as welcoming in 1952 and Burns getting burned}. Ironically what really killed MASH as a comedy was the departure of Burns...true he played that idotic super aptriot moran...but after he left it got boring over serious and grim with little to no humor...even when they substituted Winchester the Snob for Burns the Slob and BJ for Trapper John {In several epsiodes BJ nearly has a breakdown from being seperated from his family and guilt feelings over nearly having two affairs-yet there is a epsiode where he and Hawkeye sing a duet about caring for patients during the day and working over nurses throughout the night-which would have been more in keeping with Trapper John then BJ}