Season 1 Episode 5

The Moose

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 1972 on CBS

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  • Sergeant Baker comes to camp with his "moose" term used when a G.I. basically bought a Korean to be his slave. Hawkeye and Trapper as usual are here to save the day and set her free and go about teaching her to be her own person.

    Decent episode a little thin on the storyline. This may have really happened in Korea, but it didn't make for a very good story. I think they could have done better on the head of the family than the moose little brother, maybe if they developed the story where it would have been her father and he would have been much more difficult than the kid. There are some good outside scenes of the set in this episode. Hawkeye wins her freedom in a poker game with some help from Radar. It all works out in the end when Young Hi send them a letter that she is with the nuns and doing well.
  • After winning Young Hi in a poker game, Hawkeye tries his best to make the young Korean into a real person hoping she will realize that she no longer has to be someones property.

    A good episode! When Hawkeye and Trapper realize that American GIs own young Korean girls(Mooses) they're outraged. After a failed attempted on Hawkeye's part to get Young Hi away from Sergeant Baker, he decides to win in her in a poker game. With the help of Radar, Hawkeye wins Young Hi, but when he tries to set her free...she refuses to go. With the help of Hawkeye and the rest gang at the 4077, Young Hi is given "people lessons" and is able at the end of the episode to tell her younger brother to "shove off." ~Roger Wilko~